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hear this constantly in the riding biz- can always tell talented people always confident and bold

total hog wash talented people like talented horses....worth going slower......

New Member

Hello everyone I’m new to the group and look forward to getting to know how ever...

How is everyone?

Sick and alone - so hard being in a new area by yourself. Just thought I would c...
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Do you enjoy doing it?

Understanding Group Therapy and Support Groups: Which One is Right for You?

"...Group therapy and support groups can play a very important role in one’s men...

im devastated. How r you

Because of traveling to mom's i lost a friend hurrying to write her stuff, mis...

am lost

new on this forum....i now am suffering from depressions.i find it add to talk ...

Ohhh God, its getting tougher day by day🙇‍♀️☹🙇‍♀️🤪

Waiting for miracle to happen...🤔🙈🤷‍♀️😬😮😫🙏

My friend said really harsh things

We had a deal to write her assignments and she pays me instead of paying much m...

any panic if there is change in routine?

I start county college today. I haven't been in 20 years and I'm having panic a...

Upset Stomach?

lately for the past week or so my stomach has been upset and making noises. I ...

I was just thinking.

This goes for you too.

Always be nice to yourself. !

Anything else is pointless.

Fun and games.

It is life !

Calm down. !

You,ve got to laugh.

At the end of the day

Yes. !!!

When your smiling.

The whole world smiles with you !

I'm starting to see the light. But wish me luck cause today going to mom's

Yesterday i noticed i finally have started to feel positive feelings. You all k...

Feeling numb...

I've been kinda going through this phase where everything I've once loved, hobb...


I remember writing in one of these groups about 4 years ago about not being able...

First time posting

Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and just looking forward to talking to othe...

I am struggling with my PTSD and anxiety.

My PTSD and anxiety have been triggered again, over the past 6 weeks, following ...


I worried too hard today Was way too hard on myself Now I’m scared And my hea...

No complaining about the heat!

It would be hard work 😓

My sexual assault won't leave my head

In March 2019, I was raped. I was unconscious at a party, and the blind date I w...


Alone and Loneliness (lack of friends, relatives, or supportive family) is a rep...


We are part of something bigger than our problems !!

1oo %

Very good !!!!!!!

It comes and goes !

Row row row your boat gently down the stream.

Transformation !

It happens slowly.