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Additional Info On Unknown or Unaddressed Concerns That Can Cause or Aggravate Anxiety & Depression


This is JEG 325 again. Just so you know, my magnesium was also found to be slightly low. My doctor has me on Vit. D, Magnesium Citrate & Time released potassium. What I found out personally is that high sodium intake, low potassium intake & not enough water are more things that aggravate my depression & anxiety. Dehydration is common in the US and almost all of us are low in Vit D. Too much salt and/or spicy foods dehydrate you even further. This contributes to an electrolite imbalance that makes every symptom you have even worse. I also take B-50 complex + Vit C & Zinc. My doctor indirectly applauds all of my vitamin usage. I have refused drug treatment and add lots of group counseling sessions + one on one talks with my counselor. An improving diet and more time in the sun contunues to slowly improve my situation

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Good advice JEG325. Nutrition can play a big part in anxiety /depression. I take B vitamins and magnesium citrate mainly . In my opinion magnesium is the single biggest important supplement that can help with depression along with the B vitamins too.

A good diet is vital to mental health. I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. It isn't hard. It is just a microwave meal that I have every day. It is salmon with carrots and peas in the form of a pre packaged meal which I just have to microwave for 10 minutes. ( As I'm not well enough to cook. and I find going into shops very difficult so I just buy the same things each time. A "shop" can take me less than 5 minutes as I get panicky in shops )

I rarely drink any alcohol and I have plenty of vitamin C from a glass of orange juice ( easy to buy) as well and vitamin D in the form of sunbed if there is no real sunshine ( as there isn't much here in the UK)

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JEG 325 Orange juice is high in potassium too. But, there is not a enough Vit C in OJ. I recommend 500 mgs of reg C (not Ester C), 3 times a day with food. If stores panic you, look into online delivery to your house. As a good diet and supplements are important you should not forsake them if at all possible. I know we have that service in the US. I hope yoou do too.

Good for you!! I, too, have found that the things you mention have helped me to throw away a lot of the 'meds' I was using. In addition, i take GABA. And eat organic as much as possible.

Thank you for sharing this it’s great information and I also have found these vitamins/minerals to be helpful as well I just wish the good ones that worked for me could be a littl more affordable!!!😂but yes b complex is essential for me as well as magnesium powder and Vit D. Sun as well when I can get it! I also take fish oil supplements higher in dha I still wonder on this which is best form and amount to take??

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JEG325 Fish Oil that contains 180 EPA & 120 DHA is standard. I recommend around 400 EPA & 250 to 400 DHA per day. EPA is a strong anti inflammatory & DHA is critical in boosting your brain's functioning.

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