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Anxiety or depression?

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These days I either feel severely anxious going into public, or very depressed at home by myself. Friends/family make plans with me, & it's like I have to choose. Either go, & feel extremely anxious the entire time, or stay home depressed. I don't know which one is worse. Both make me have thoughts of killing myself. (which I definitely won't, because I'm an aunt, & love people) Today I asked my sister if we could get coffee, and she asked seeing if I could go in and order it myself. I felt so anxious, so she went in for us instead.

Do you ever feel like your choosing between anxiety or depression? Which is worse for you?

I felt so mad at myself for not just going in. Luckily, I have my sister who tells me to be gentle with myself, and also tells me that once I get my meds right then I'll be able to do more things with much less pain.

So if you need to hear it... I am telling you what my sis would say: "Be gentle with yourself & keep fighting because you are loved."

18 Replies
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I’m having a rough time at the moment as Mum’s in hospital and I’m home alone with zilch support. I’ve pushed myself to go out every day. It’s really hard and some days I wonder if it’s worth it. It makes a change from staying indoors.

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I am so sorry. I hope your mom gets better. I am here for you if you want to talk about it. I am lucky to have my sister. We lost our mom 7 years ago.

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Also, I am so proud of you for pushing yourself. I am sorry you aren't getting the support you need. Sending you some good thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I’m not sure where to begin looking for help for myself re supported housing. Plus the lockdowns have hammered my confidence.

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I am so very sorry. You've got to be stressed out. I wish I could help you. I am here if you just need someone to vent to. I don't always know the right things to say, but I try.

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I've been there. Both aren't winners. You're either so depressed you can't go out and enjoy life. The other is anxiety which keeps you from life.

You have to remember thoughts are just thoughts and they can't hurt you. Sure they are instructive AF. But remember they are just thoughts... anxiety's way of trying to trick you into being afraid.

I'm glad you know that suicide doesn't solve anything. Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem. You don't get rid of your pain, you just pass it on to someone else. You have people who love you and care for you very much.

I know it's hard and the tunnel seems so long and dark. But trust me, there is light at the end. You just need a 🕯️ your candle is learning coping skills for anxiety. Sure, you are going to bump into things and you are going to fall down a couple times. But you get back up and keep moving. Your future self will thank you for it,❤️

Im proud of you going with your sister to have coffee. Sure she ordered it for both of you. Next time, both of you go in together. It's a little thing but it's these lil goals that lead to bigger victories. Next time she says her order and you say yours and etc. You got this. I Kno you do!

Hugs to you 🤗❤️

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Hugs back! You are seriously the best. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your post made me feel better. Other than that I have no words except thank you. ❤️

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I believe in you TIMT ❤️ I’m glad I made you feel better!

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Thank you. I believe in you, too ❤️

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twinks in reply to CL3V3R-G1RL

Cl3ev3rgirl what a lovely answer makes perfect sense. You mentioned coping skills in my area theres free online course u can dip in and out of it helps to understand what's happening and that it's just we can deal with makes the difference.See if u have any course like that no one can see u as its online I cried all the way through but still picked up some tips

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There's this app that I like called DARE response. You can pay for it but there are free bits to it.

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I hate that kind of no-win situation. You have a great idea, to be kind to yourself, most people really have no idea how hard it is to accomplish some simple things when anxiety is tearing you up... or feeling guilty because you just couldn't manage something. I really love that you're wise enough to offer yourself some compassion ❤️

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Thank you! I hope you have compassion towards yourself, too. It's not our fault we're anxious people. ❤️

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I think they are different sides of the same coin.

Anxiety is when you’re “stuck on.” Depression is when you’re “stuck off.”

I think depression is worse because it’s the lack of feelings sometimes. I can feel anxiety and take steps to address it.

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I feel like those two have to come together as 1 thing. Not sure if there is such thing as only having anxiety or having depression.

But I Do agree with Rafiki11 with the depression part.

But I think both can be dealt with. Just takes time.

Hope you feel better “thisismetrying”

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I definitely need to take steps to address it. Thank you for your reply.

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I dont think u get one without the other they're intertwined.Both difficult to deal with but at least u are pushing foreword and trying

It nice u have people around u that understand and telling u be gentle with yourself.

If u want a chat msg me

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Thx! ❤️

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