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Train YouTube to value prostate cancer videos and help our community's videos reach more men, and raise prostate cancer awareness.

How often should we email the new Prostate Cancer Newsletter? (Free Subscription Here: https://malecare.org/prostate-cancer-newsletter/ )

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our advanced prostate cancer community to another man or his partner/spouse/carer?

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How has the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacted your ability to see your medical team for an office visit?

What percentage of our Advanced Prostate Cancer community have more than one cancer diagnosis? Please respond to this one question poll.

If you had two or more biopsies, how did your Gleason score change? Consider Gleason scores as "levels:" 6, 7(3+4), 7(4+3), 8, 9, 10.

We are considering LiveStreaming talks with Doctors and inviting your live questions. Which platform would you most prefer we use?

Instead of PSA test, should 45 year old & older men be offered a prostate focused MRI, to see if he needs a biopsy? (similar to colonoscopy)

Did you ever see blood in your urine? For men who had radiation therapy, at any stage of their prostate cancer treatment

I am diagnosed with one or several of the following, in addition to prostate cancer (multiple choice allowed):

I find one or several of the following to be helpful in reducing my anxiety:

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