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2 of 2: With Covid as your only consideration, what kind of prostate cancer patient conference would you prefer to attend through 2022?

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A virtual conference would be interesting. I personally went through a serious bout with Covid and Pneumonia at same time. Rough time in Hospital almost not making it after kidneys were also shutting down and Heart went into afib. Pulled through after being out for a couple days with 4 I V sets feeding so many bags of medicine.

I am still on clinical trials fighting this advanced prostate metastatic cancer for 6 years now.

That is constant treatments, full body scans, injections, and many meds. All because of the many spreads of cancer thru out my body. I have to say the clinical trials are helping me stay alive. I am being treated at a research hospital every 28 days. Grateful for what they do.

Since my bad covid experience I really go nowhere in travel. Too scared now after 5 weeks of home nursing care and also physical therapy Nurse care .

I know there are many other choice views that are different. Just wanted to express mine.

Thank You for letting me put input on Virtual Conference choices.

Barry Miller