Did you ever see blood in your urine? For men who had radiation therapy, at any stage of their prostate cancer treatment

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  • I had xrt in 2004, and have always a trace of blood in urine, have also had 4 or 5 serious gross hemoturia events, resulting in serious bladder convulsions and clotting to the point where urination is not possible. 3 burns inside the bladder cause this, they do not heal.

  • In 2007 had radiation and 9 months later had gross bleeding with clots, blocked urine and had to have rollerball surgery to seal vessels inside bladder. It was due to radiation at prostate bed, burned lower inside of bladder.

  • There needs to be a group who had both IMRT and Brachytherapy. Some of us did and I am not sure which was the direct cause of the blood in the urine.

  • Options three and four cover both IMRT and Brachytherapy

  • Oops. I need to read more carefully. "and" was missed. Sorry.

  • I had EBRT 13 years ago. I don't remember blood in my urine, so that's how I voted, but maybe it's with an asterisk because I could have forgotten.

  • Crusader3 hit my nail right on the head!

    The first time I peed blood, I freaked out, only to find out, it was from the IMRT. I didn't think too much about it when it happened again. I should have. The rad caused my prostate to choke off my urethra, and it wasn't very nice.

  • I had HIFU and did have blood in my urine. Was it from the procedure or from the infernal suprapubic catheter? I did have a couple of gross hematuria episodes that freaked me out. All is well now. I didn't vote.

  • Had 38 rounds of radiation. Blood in my urine about two weeks after the end of radiation. Went away after about a week.

  • I had 39 rad treatments to my prostate bed as a follow up in March 2010. No blood in my urine ever. Cancer came back in August 2010. Had robotic surgery on 10/29/2009. Some cancerous tissue outside reason for the rad.

  • One reason why I don't flush during my night trips. In am get to check.

  • I have 43 rad, don't see blood in my urine.

  • I had IMRT in 2012 started bleeding in 2013. hospitalised several times and emergency evacuation from remote areas twice.Hyperbaric treatment, a further TURP and green light cauterisations to try and fix. I also had an old procedure using alum flushing of the bladder to try and stem the bleeding and blockages.All unfortunately failed and the bleeding and blockages continued to worsen.

    Finally had a parametric 3 tesla MRI in 2014 which showed active cancer in prostate bed and bladder neck. It also showed the bladder was necrotic and sloughing away. I underwent salvage surgery in November 2014 where the surgeon removed the remains of the prostate, bladder, appendix and lymph nodes. I have also been fitted with a urostomy and now pee in a bag, I call it my wee sporran. Fixed the bleeding and blockages problem as well as the continence issue as a bonus. That surgeon saved my life with his skill set and experience for which I am forever grateful. Radiation cystitus can cause some massive medical issues for some patients and can be life threatening.

    I am now told 7% of patients undergoing radiation treatment will have some radiation damage causing problems to the urinary or rectum area after treatment. When making my decision on treatment options at the begining of 2012 I was not fully aware of the potential damage, possible outcomes and effects on my quality of life when radiation damage occurs. In hindsight I now believe that when initial treatment options are being considered there should be an improved advocacy system for patients to base decisions on. being in the 7% is no fun.


  • I had Brachytherapy with blood in my urine. It is expected. No big deal. Most common form were clots. I did not have blood in my urine during IMRT. It is not expected.

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  • I had IMRT the early part of 2002 which turned out to be a failed treatment. About five years out I had bowel movements one day the were pure blood and attributed to scar tissue from radiation. I 'm guessing, ten years out it was bright red urine for a day, also attributated scar tissue sloughing off. Not good experiences, but at least I'm still here!

  • I had IMRT during the 4th quarter of last year for six weeks. Towards the end of the 4th week I sat down on the toilet to use the bathroom after one of the treatments. I always had to have a full bladder before the nuking. The nuking also affected my bowels to a degree. I started to get up and there was blood everywhere. It was dripping out of my penis. There was no pain or any other sensation. It scared the heck out of me. Fortunately I was still at the cancer. They said that it happens sometimes. They checked my urine for infection. No infection so the rad oncologist gave me a prescription to get rid of the irritation. We stopped treatments for about ten days. Evidently things get a bit irritated and pissed (no pun intended) in there and that's how it reacts. I had blood for another day and that was it.

  • I thought I replied but don't see it here. I had Option #3 (orange), IMRT and HDR seeds. I have a little blood at the end of my peeing about once or sometimes twice a year. I had the treatments in 2011. Urologist always checks for bladder cancer by putting camera up my penis and always says it's probably from the radiation that I took. I hope he's right.