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New blood test results - Dr not treating


Hi everyone, posted lots of times with updates on blood tests, my last bloods from Jan 18 and April 18 have been posted.

New results FT4 12.4 (9.00-19.00)

FT3 3.27 (2.89-4.88)

TSH 4.75 (0.40-5.00)

Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies 689 (<59) previous tests was 289, then 500 then 502 in April 18. Quite disappointed with the increase as I have been gluten free for a year, not sure there is any point to this if antibodies are not coming down.

Last test shown a drop in FT4 so Dr put me on 25mcg Levo, didn't tolerate that very well and Dr stopped them, she said they were too strong maybe and levels went back into range now have an increase in TSH from 3.31 to 4.75 although this fluctuates all the time and has been 6.03.

Sent away with nothing but offered Fluoxitine to help with symtoms of depression and anxiety both of which may be developing as I don't feel well all the time.

What do you nice members suggest to do next.

I am taking Bisoprpol for blood pressure, HRT patches and supplements iron, omega 3, Vit D, Vit C, B12 tablets, magnesium, selenium daily.

Thanks for any further help.

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One has to comment on a complete lack of understanding by your GP. First, all your tests indicate a struggling thyroid and incipient if not actual hypothyroidism. Low-normal FT4, low-normal FT3 and TSH on the edge of leaving the reference range. These indicate thyroid failure. 25 ug T4 is not an answer: low doses like this can actually make things worse. 50 ug should be the start unless you are 70+. Anti depression tablets won't solve anything. You need to get a full readout of vitamins, ferritin tests and all thyroid function tests to check if anything other than thyroid is amiss.

Thanks Diogenes, I have had full blood count done all normal.

I had full bloods done in Jan 18 all normal

Magnesium 0.91 (0.07-1.0) previous test was 0.94

Serum Iron 22.6 (9.00-30.4)

Serum Ferritin 2.9 (1.7-3.6)

Transferrin Saturation 31% (12-45) previous 24%

Vit D started at 14 now at 73.2 on maintenance 800iu daily

Serum Cholesterol HDL RATIO high 5.4 but lower than previous tests.

The above tests were Jan 18. Drs won't run them again.

Not sure what to do now other than request a private Endo referral, no offer of Thyroid ultrasound she said I didn't need one as you can't see anything.

I got the feeling Dr had done all she could, Ho back for more bloods in six weeks, then maybe if out if range they will try to treat again

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