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Test results help please

Hi, could anyone take a look and tell me what I need help with? Noticed my Vit d and ferritin have reduced. How does my b12 and folate look? 

My TSH and ft4 are up and down and I know my TPO is high. 

Expert opinions would be helpful! 


Feb 5.98

March 3.44

April 5.5


Feb 10.7

April 12.3


July 15 - 33

Feb 74

April 65

Vit d

Feb 64

April 54


April 454


April 10.3

Neutrophil count (part of fbc)

April 1.8 range 

TPO ab

March 1300 (aware it's high) 

Currently no treatment or supplements. seeing dr next week so any advice on what to discuss would be appreciated 

Thanks X 

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Hi Lissa, without ranges, it is difficult because different labs may have different ranges....except for TSH which seems to be universal.  You definitely qualify as a Hashimoto patient along with those TPO antibodies.

Your thyroid is still producing something but can't see whether it is high enough without the ranges.  The fluctuation between Feb and April is probably due to the TPO attacks.  Insist on an FT3 test and see if you can get it.   

Ferritin is your iron storage and by any range your July test was low but improved on the next, so you are close to the suggested 80.

Your B12 needs to be very high so I would supplement with a methylcobalamin used under the tongue.

I think European ranges for vitamin D is 100-200 so you have a ways to go if that's the case but still better than many people.

If you go to you tube and search for David Clark, reason #7 low thyroid.  Short video about TPO antibodies.  All of them are good viewing. 


Hi, sorry I meant to add ranges. 

TSH 0.35-5.5

Ft4 11-23

Ferritin 20-250

Vit d >50

B12 190-900

Folate 2-19

Neutrophil count 2-810*9

What would you suggest for ferritin? Just normal iron tabs? Will get the b12 too and Vit d. 


Just watched, thanks 🙂


In addition to heloise, your FT4 is not in range or rock bottom assuming the range the lab uses is 12-22 as most do. Though not tested your FT3 will either be below range or just in same as your FT4, so you need them testing. And TSH needs to be about 1 get that down there and if everything's converting properly your FT4 should go upto about 18.0 ideal, and FT3 6-6.2 ideal with a range of 3-6.8 about 75-80% of the range! If they tell you there in range and you feel crap, tell the doctor to wear shoes too small and see how his/her feels, after all the shoe size will be in range. 

Your low neutraphil count and folate/folic acid are interlinked as folic acid is needed for neutraphils that protect you from bacteria. 


I requested t3 but labs refused by looks so will do it privately. 

So should I supplement folate do you think? 


Push to get them done the labs are refusing to do a test that they know nothing about, they know nothing about thyroid hormones they just see one number the TSH, tell them this ITS A PITUITARY HORMONE, and you want your thyroid hormones checked out too. 

The hypothalamus detects low levels, then it sends a message to the pituitary, to tell the thyroid to produce more hormones. 

Hopefully if you copy this out, BOTH THE DOCTOR AND LAB WILL GET THEIR FRIGGIN JOB DONE! Greg. Hope it helps you... 

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I've pushed, not sure what else I can do other than get it tested privately. 


It's disgusting how everyone has to get educated themselves because the doctors are paid idiots 

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hope that´l work



A good active B complex like Thorne may be a good way to go. If you're happy to do private testing, why don't you get all thyroid tests done so you have an accurate picture? Including both antibodies and reverse T3.  

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Yep going to do that!

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Lissa, these may not be using the ranges you have but will give you a general idea where you are falling short.  It's more for U.S. levels but does mention Europe at the bottom.  I know people use sachets of iron and should be taken with vitamin C as it binds and keeps it in circulation I think.   You could post the question.




sweet melissa, 

just your tsh is a joke, never mind the rest

look at this site, figure it out , all is there.

now, i can say for myself , that site was of help.

 what i , myself can not figure out is the adrenal factor. but  i only got to read all this when it was a bit late.  like 30 years!

i had not been treated for hashimoto for at least 20years.

and that was only levothyrox. ever since i take natural thyroid , i have much less symptoms, but adrenal symptoms , also in this book, do get to me.

i have no labs here in france, that do adrenal fatigue, but feel that stress gets to me asap.

my daughter, 35, she started , i made sure! ,on erfa thyroid ,

right away.

 she never had levothyrox.

wish i had known about it , when i was diagnosed.in 1987, when levo still had colour in it, 25 yellow, 50 pink..., all colours where toxic.

she is well, 3 kids and active.but tired in the morning. 

when you start levothyrox, you just get half of the benefit, with NDT you get more, but your adrenals should be healthy.if not, you start feeling better , first, and then worse after about 4 weeks. 

check out the symptoms.




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