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So I rang the doctors today and asked for pint out for my bloods and antibodies and for my partner to pick up on his way home from work, they didn't print the antibodies out so Iv got Full blood count results and thyroid results...

Tsh 0.02 mIU/L range 0.4-5.0

Free t4 24 pmol/L range 9-19

Urea 2.1 mil/L range 2.5-7.8

Total protein 77g/l range 60-80

Albumin 43g/l range 35-50

Globulin 34g/l range 20-35

Total bilirubin 8umol range 0-22

Alkaline phosphate 78U/L range 30-130

ALT 15U/L range 0-50

CRP <1 mg/L range 0-10

Sodium 138mmol/L range 133-146

Potassium 4.0mmol/L range 3.5-5.3

Chloride 109mmol/l range 95-108

Creatinine 37umol/L range 49-90

Albumin 42g/l range 35-50

Calcium 2.3mmol/L range 2.2-2.6

Magnesium 0.78mmol/L range 0.7-1.0

Haemoglobin 145g/l range 110-150

White blood cells 8.3 range 4-11

Platelets 312 range 150-400

Red blood cells 4.55 range 3.8-4.8

Haematocrit 0.420 ratio range 0.36-0.46

Mean cell volume 92.3 pg range 80-100

Mean cell haemoglobin 31.9 pg range 27-32

MCHC 345g/l range 320-360

Neutrophils 6.0 range 2.0-7.5

Lymphocytes 1.5 range 1.5-4.0

Monocytes 0.9 range 0.2-1.0

Eosinophils 0.0 range 0.02-0.5

Basophils 0.0 range 0.0-.01

If anyone could kindly help me that's good at reading results because I have now clue 😭😭😭

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Don't worry about the blood tests, white sell count is a bit high but that's probably inflammation. Urea and creatinine lower than range but no idea about that.

TSH suppressed so surprised Doctor not worried about that but may be he knows it's not reliable when on medication. FT4 over range and no FT3 test which can be argued is the most important. There is also a school of thought that says if FT4 is high then no point in testing FT3 S that will be high as well! I don't agree with that. You could be not be converting well which would show as a very high FT4 and a low FT3. Or you may have the other scenario that FT4 is high so FT3 will be high but could be over range as well and it can. E dangerous to have FT3 over range. Either way the lab should have tested FT3 so I would point that out to your GP and also ask him about the out of range other results. It's not good enough to do the tests and then not help you with the things outside the ranges.

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Hiya thanks for replying the doctor actually diagnosed me with Graves' disease after my antibodies test come back I'm just waiting to see the endo, Iv bin so poorly with it all x

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Hope the Endo sorts it for you and gets you in the right path.

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