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first blood results back since diagnosed and on 25mg levothyroxine

any help with these results appreciated.

been on 25mg of levo for 6 weeks now, first blood test results back.

now serum TSH *6.02 (0.35-4.5) before diagnosis was *5.58

serum free T4 * 15.6 (doctor says normal) before diagnosis was *15.6 ( 11.0-24)

dr has not tested T3 (no explanation) before diagnosis it was *5.0 (3.1-6.8)

thyroid peroxidase antibodies 95iu/ml (0.0-34.0) (above normal range) before diagnosis was *150 iu/ml (0-34)

ANy help with tests below would be useful (all normal )

urea and electrolytes

serum sodium level 139mmol/L (133.0-146.0)

" " potassium level 4.7mmol/l ( 3.5-5.3)

" " urea level 3.7mmol/l (2.5-6.2)

" " creatine level 62 umol/l ( 52.0-88.0)

" " chloride level 102 mmol/l (95.0-108.0)

liver function tests

alanine aminotransferase level 14u/l (10-40)

alkaline phosphatase level 53u/l (50-110)

bilirubin total 11umol/l (0.0-21.0)

total protein level 75g/l (60.0-80.0)

albumin level 49g/l (35.0-50.0)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD >90ml/min/1.73 ^2

full blood count (424)

haemoglobin concentration 145g/l (115-160.0)

total white blood count 6.95 (4.0-11.0)

platelet count 242 (150-400)

mean cell volume 87.0 (80-100)

mean cell haem level 29.4 (27-32)

mean cell haem concentration 338g/l ( 300.0-360.0)

red blood cell distibution width 13.0% (11.5-16.0)

haemacrit 0.429 (0.35- 0.45)

red blood cell count 4.93 (3.8- 5.8)

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Minus, 25mcg is insufficient to treat your thyroid as shown by the increase in your TSH. Your GP should increase your Levothyroxine. FT4 is in range but a bit low and the dose increase should improve your FT4.

FT3 is rarely tested unless TSH is suppressed <0.04.

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Funny you should say that clutter on the results I.e tsh 6.2 abnormal top of the letter said expected results take no further action. I have just rang my drs surgery and asked for a Levo increase- he will ring me back wed.seems my Dr Is happy with my results- but I'm not as I still feel overly tired, low mood' pins and needles in fingers.


Minus, if your GP doesn't increase your meds please see another GP at the practice for a second opinion. TSH should be just above or below 1.0 when on meds. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Pulse Magazine

Email for a copy of the article if you want to show it to your GP.


I went to drs this morning, l asked to see different Dr and she didn't hesitate in putting me up to 50mg. She agreed that 25mg was too low and said I could go up much higher with Levo, regarding the tsh 6.2. Feel better and will def be changing GPS now.


Thank goodness, Minus. I think you will need more than 50mcg but incremental rises are usually 25mcg. Have another blood test in 8 weeks, remembering to have it early in the morning before you take your Levothyroxine.


Pins and needles in your fingers could be carpal tunnel, which often improves when you are properly medicated, or it could be B12 deficiency. Have you ever had B12, Vitamin D and Ferritin levels checked? Lots of us hypos are also low in these vitamins/minerals.

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