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Can anyone help with these blood results?

Didn't know what they were going to test, so some results might be skewed by supplements. All normal, of course :-) Was tested because of palpitations (and have a referral to cardiology).

Bone profile:

Total protein 62 g/L (60-80)

Albumin 42 g/L (35-50)

Alk phosphatase 45 U/L (30-130)

Total calcium 2.24 mmol/L

Adjusted calcium 2.26 mmol/L (2.2-2.6)

Phosphate 0.98 mmol/L (0.8-1.5)

Both Folate and B12 are higher than lab range (don't supplement folate but have been mega dosing B12 because of deficiency symptoms)

Folate 19.8 ng/mL (2.2-10.6)

B12 >2000 pg/mL(197-1126)


White cell count 9.3 (4-11)

Red cell count 4.65 (3.5-5.8)

Haemoglobin 13.6 (11.5-16.5)

haemocrit 0.42 (0.37-0.47)

MCV 91.2 (80-102)

MCH 29.2 (27-32)

Red cell Dist width 13.2 (11.5-15.5)

platelet count 227 (150-400)

Any comments?

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Your results all look pretty good to me, but serum iron and ferritin are missing so it's difficult to know exactly how good your iron level is.

Have you had your thyroid tested recently? Do you know what the results were?

How are you feeling?

Sorry I can't really help

Carolyn x


They've never done ferritin and this is the first time they've ever done B21 or Folate. Only ever get TSH tested 0.47 (0.4 - 4.0).

I have permanent loose stools (for years) and bad palpitations all day every day pretty much - hence the tests. ECG looks like a drunken spider on crack, but lowish heart rate (54).

All I want to do is sleep (and I do!).


Hi I do not know your position but if you can pay for the lacking tests. go to TUK blood site,cheapest way,and quote TUK 10 for a discount, I have the intermediate test for thyroid profile , you can have anything that will last in the post. results e mail to you. They really are a LAB called TDL which all the private hospitals use so any doc you show them to will recognise and treat with the info. Loose stools can be lots of things, especially magnesium, thyroid drugs too but it may be worth having them investigated, colonoscopy.,pancreas too.



Hi It could well be iron, B12 or especially Ferritin, they often will not test for this but use the FBC which is useless! Or B12 If worried about heart ECG fairly useless, you need a 7 day or better 24 hour monitor, GP or cardiologist and an Echo. be sure to go to a top hospital or privately as tecs who do this ,I found useless at local hospital! Make sure you have had D tested, as Ca ( calcium ) in range it would be safe to have D, on a script with repeat tests if possible, Make sure you have been tested for TSH T4 and more important ,I always think Free T3It is the only way to be sure how the thyroid is doing , it was the norm, now not always because of costs etc Originally, years ago, my hypo was just low FT3!



I am supposed to have an appt with Cardiology (but surgery couldn't book it as system was down) and Gastroenterology (?). My D is 94.6 nmol/L (and I supplement this already) and adjusted calcium looks. They didn't do magnesium, but I eat tons of stuff with magnesium in it. If I don't mega dose B12, i get tingling hands and dead feet and an under eye tic within days. But I feel tons better since mega dosing sublingual B12. The loose stools have been going on for years, so not meds.

I'm going to get private thyroid tests, just not got round to it. I was previously tested (last time I had an ECG) for pituitary problems - normal of course - but I'm wondering if they were on the right track then.

Since I don't technically have a thyroid problem according to the NHS I stopped meds for a week before the bloods and TSH was still only 0.47 even though I was falling asleep everywhere, I had discoloured dry patches of skin and and my hair was falling out again. So perhaps my pituitary is just deaf. No hyper symptoms at all - and the heart rate of 54 was while feeling quite nervous - not relaxed.


Hi . If you are interested there is a blood test for magnesium, it is an electrolyte with a tiny range so, I have to have one weekly. Blog standard NHS. Warfarin and diabetes can also cause loose stools.. I had a very low heart rate but a lot of other major heart problems. Before I had my cardiac arrests and ICD fitted my heart used to stop nearly every other beat but, in spite of seeing a Prof. of cardiology and evidence on the home monitor ,he said that nothing could be done. I am older and wiser now! However, it never did show on a normal ECG. Sleep apnoea can go with it too. I have the worst case the specialist has ever seen but tiny and very thin!\So not the classic picture. MY tingling is lots of things including my severe diabetes. i had to diagnose myself and by then terrible ( Gp`s fault!) . Even now when my BM ( home monitor) is high I fall asleep all the time.Do you see an endo? A good one is marvellous as really because of their speciality they know so much about all conditions. mine is like gold! When I was first diagnosed as Hypo ( years ago ) it was only my Free T3 that was out, normal testing and treating then.



Blood glucose is 4, so probably not diabetes for me. Don't take blood thinners. See a private endo once a year (distance) for biohrt, but she is interested. I seem to get 2 hearts beats, then a gap, but I've had that for years. It's just got much more annoying lately with huge thumps that feel as though they are visible from the outside and make me jump. I'll ask for a magnesium test, but seeing as this is first time they've even agreed to do B12 (and I'm almost vegan!) I don't hold out a lot of hope.

Much better with extra B12, but still not fully rid of tingling and tiredness even with a really high B12 level, so must be something else there.


Hi That sounds exactly like A.F ( atrial fibrilllation ) to me. I have that as well as a lot more serious heart conditions. however AF always needs anticoagulation treatment as high risk of clots.You can tell this by checking your Heart rate |( BP ) when ever feels funny. it will be uneven , may be high but just as likely going low. this is one of the things that is ONLY picked up by a home monitor ( from hospital) . The machines that say they check it are definitely not tested and no good for it, spent a long time investigating them. As intermittent makes any other way of diagnosis problematic. If it turns out to be this ask to see a rhythm specialist cardio if necessary. you may need a simple pace maker.but ordinary cardio will say ,you do not In itself very common and not too serious.people with thyroid disease develop it a lot sooner than they would normally .

I hope this helps.

if it were me I would be phoning the consultants secretary and asking for a cancellation. it took me 40 years ( from birth ) to be diagnosed but hopefully things are better now with proper diagnostic tools.

Here`s hoping you get sorted soon.



Ah, i though that atrial fibrillation meant a high rate rate while mine is always low. so I hadn't considered it..


Hi , No it is uneven. it can go very high ,if it actual gets to 200 beats, sustained then an ambulance just to have the correct drugs. however by it`s nature it fluctuates and can be normal to low.As it is intermittent for years ,it is only diagnosed really by a 7 day monitor or if more frequently 24 hour , same applier if in patient on a permanent monitor. makes it so hard to diagnose ,even now. It is called paroxamal and takes a long long time to become permanent. Even with all my heart problems ( serious) the cardio`s in hospital marvel at finding some one with it permanently! There is several reversal procedures ( minor )but these may be contra indicated. they are very successful ,usually, eventually but even then because it normally returns you stay on anticoagulation. If it tuns out and you do have drugs. First choice usually Beta Blockers, do not effect the thyroid but do effect the thyroid bloods, so, take them after blood tests. The other drug for bad cases is Amioderone, a vile but brilliant drug, not new. loads of side effects and makes you more hypo.Let me know what happens ( PM)



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