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Have prescription...should I treat these levels??

I have a script for WP thyroid meds starting at lowest dose(16.25)I am currently trying to treat with selenium, zinc and small amount of potassium iodide with tyrosine. I have a gluten free diet also. I struggle with chronic fatigue (a struggle to keep ferritin above 30), cold hands (better now it's summer), constipation and recently some gallbladder issues. I am on an ssri and bio-identical hormones as well. I do not know wether to start meds as my TSH is optimal.

TSH 1.68

Free t4 1.0

Free t3 2.6

TPOab 32


Cortisol a.m. 11

Ferritin 29

Vit D 57

Vit b12 650


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Can you add the ranges please. They are important as they vary from lab to lab. It can be dangerous to rely on TSH, it's the free numbers that are more important.


Okay, thank you.


Free t4 .85-1.71

Free t3 2.2-4.1

TSH .27-4.2

Any others necessary?


You are too low FT3 and FT4 and too high in TSH range so need your medication. TSH should be low in range as it is the messenger from the pituitary saying it needs more thyroxine so if the level is high it's screaming for more. It it's low it's not urgent and nearer to managing.

Don't look as your medication assomerhing to fear or that it is a drug. It isn't but it's a hormone that every cell in your body needs to function and you aren't producing enough so a supplement so that your body can function better as it can't do it as it should. It's frightening being told it's for life but it shouldn't be. As you go along you will get to know what helps it along and what to do if it hiccups at all. Some simple rules to follow on the Thyroid Uk site and you will make good progress. We have all been where you are now but we are all different so some pick up sooner than others but many of us also take extra vitamins as well and it is a learning curve but plenty around the help you so don't worry. Get into the habit to ask for printouts of your results and put your dose on them and that's an excellent way to record your progress


Thank you silverfox7. I will update. :)


I have been taking 16.25 mg WP thyroid for about 9 days. No difference yet. Do I double it after 2 weeks?


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