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Am I getting better with these results?


I am trying to compare my Blue Horizon results taken in Feb and July. I was feeling lousy back in Feb and have since embarked on a vitamin campaign to make myself better as I was very low on B12, ferritin and Vit D. This worked brilliantly and I felt 80% better but I feel I'm not fully there yet - I don't think. Unfortunately I can't remember how it feels to be normal and maybe what I am today is normal.

I am thinking of trying T3 only (unsupportive doctor) and have bought some online but not started.

Can anyone give me advice on the results please - have they improved?

Feb T4 = 110

July T4 not given range (59-154)

Feb TSH = 0.85

July TSH = 0.40 range (0.27-4.2)

Feb Free Thyroixine = 18.6

July Free Thyroixine = 18.4 (12-22)

Feb Free T3 = 4.7

July Free T3 = 3.6

I am currently on 175 of levo which I take at night away from all other vits etc.

Thanks for your help.


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Hard to tell from results. 80% better is not bad, is it?

Next results may tell you more in the way TSH is settling out.

I couldn't get along on even low dose T4 and wouldn't be surprised if there's an overhead against feeling totally good when on it, tbh.[Mostly 'muzziness' and aches/low energy]

Many people here have reported taking addditional T3 with success- but you will probably need an endo referral.

If GP not keen it doesn't mean he can't do it, when pressed!

You're right to keep a firm eye on how you feel , though. Always being the guideline here.


I agree that feeling better is not bad but now aged 50 I want to feel optimum, and not 70. I may try the T3 route to see if that helps. x


Looking at your FT3 levels, I would say that while your treatment has helped somewhat you are now perhaps going in the wrong direction for some reason. Some of your T4 may be turning into reverse T3 since your free T3 has lowered. I don't think that is a good sign.


I wondered why the T3 was lower which is part of the reason I posted. I'm not sure exactly what Rt3 is even though I've seen it mentioned on this site. I'm guessing it may help to take T3 instead of more T4?


I'll give you the link ALL about reverse T3. All T4 turns into EITHER T3 or reverse T3 which is useless to you. I'm not sure where it goes but it is unusable. The conversion of T4 takes place in the liver for the most part and people may have liver issues that cause it. Taking T3 actually avoid this problem and may be the reason so many of us skip T4 entirely. I was taking Armour which contains mostly T4 and a bit of T3 and recently decided on T3 only which is working fine so far since June. Don't let your health deteriorate.


I think RT3 acts as an uptake 'brake' by locking onto tissue receptor sites and stopping T3 doing its job.


Pretty much. It is necessary for balancing the metabolism. If we are in a situation like famine, for example, the ratio of t3 to reverse t3 is skewed slightly towards reverse t3 to conserve fat/energy. At times where more energy is required for activities, it is skewed the other way.

For those of us with conversion problems, this balance is completely screwed up. I don't know the mechanism of this (I don't know if anyone does) but it can cause major problems if there is too much reverse t3 blocking too many receptors.


I think you will find this interesting as well, Carolyn.


Thanks :)


If I remember correctly, we're back with old friends deiodinases which can determine what happens on these targets.

Likely why extra iodine in blood is not helpful in the mix.

The Levo molecule is nothing like as complex as human thyroid hormones and probably why it does some good on occasion and not others -as it's all hit and miss.

Also the adrenal connection comes into it somewhere- but as medics know [too] little about thyroids they do even less on adrenals.

We'll all be professors soon ;~/


LOL, so true. I'm sure we can get some sort of certificate through the internet.

"Whiteout".....great description!


Interesting anecdote.


I'm on their site [getting mails] and seen this.

I just can't spend enough time on there though, as still in the process of getting diagnosis and hopefully a referral in a month or so.

T3 has a good write up generally- but has been conveniantly 'whited out' by Levo etc.


Thanks for the link - loads on it. I started a temp chart this morning which may help and I will try the T3 when that arrives.


This is one time a manmade product, T3, can be a real benefit for many people. I hope it works for you.


I finally got on T3 2 months ago and on the way to 40ug/day split into 3 doses, early, middle & not too late! The main effect seems to slow me down as my own production has been hit whilst sitting too low a dose of 20ug. Still, I'm grateful for the Dr who jumped into the fray with me and is trying me out. I think I'm a classic Wilson's Temp man - so my experience may not match so many here with dysfunctional thyroid glands to some degree.

Reading through Carolines comment above- I remember seeing convincing points that much of this misdirected survival strategy is related ,amongst other things, to Grehlins and Leptins in the appestat which cover some weight issues, at least.

My first bloods after starting came out 10% down on FT4 F3 & TSH - so allbacked off, going nowhere.. The future beckon.

I think I may post this amended as a new post.


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