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Thyroid test results blue horizon

Hello there ,

I have just received some results from blue horizon medicals

regarding my thyroid. i have sent off of a full thyroid test as i am finding it impossible to lose weight ......

currently i am taking 2 grains NDT daily and 100mg thyroxine .

my lab results are normally ok and in range . i don't have any recent ones at the moment only the one i have received today .

would anybody be able to look for me and advise if my RT3 be causing me any problems. I have just spent the last month trying the cambridge diet (i know not good for me ) and have not managed to lose a single ounce .. My blood sugar sometimes drops and i get the shakes but not all of the time. i don't indulge in eating sugar ... in fact i eat a very healthy diet normally. i walk the dog every day and exceed my 10,000 steps a day ...

ferritin 61.2 (20-150)

magnesium 0.87 (0.6-1.0 )

thyroid function

TSH L 0.01 (0.27-4.20)

T4 total 73.1 (64.5 -142)

free T4 13.64 (12 -22)

free T3 3.63 ( 3.1-6.8)

Reverse T3 17.0 (10-24)

reverse T3 ratio L13.90 norm >15

borderline 12-15

low <12


anti thyroidperoxidase abs 15.1 <34

anti thyroglobulin abs 20.4 <115


Vit D (25OH) 75 deficient <25

insufficient 25-50

consider reduce dose >175

Vit B12 516 deficient <140

insufficient 140-250

consider reduce dose >725

B12 Active 102.90 25.1 - 165.0

Serum Folate 24.54 8.83 _60.8

i hope this makes sense as I've just copied it from letter.

i started being treated after my daughter was born 13 years ago . i was treated with just thyroxine which i didn't feel the benefit of so contacted a dr my hill who prescribed NDT which has helped me with energy and depression.

Went to see an endo In May and she prescribed me T3 small dose 10mg a day and reduced my thyroxine . however i did feel tired on this dose and have since received a letter today my health authority will not prescribe t3 any more so have resumed the NDT

i hope i have given enough info.

and would appreciate any advice given

kindest wishes

Jane Greaves

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Your FT3 is much too low for you to lose weight. And, as your taking a lot of T4, I can only assume that you have conversion problems. Personally, I think it's T3 you need added to your NDT, not T4, because all that unconverted T4 could be converted to rT3, and you don't want that. It it were me, I would stop all that extra T4, and increase my NDT up to 3 grains - 1/2 a grain at a time - and see how that goes. Get tested after six weeks. If your FT3 stays low, add in some T3.

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Thank you grey goose it's great to hear from someone who knows what's going on . I have been told before that I have poor conversion .... fingers crossed 😏


In that case, there wasn't much point in piling on all that T4. I know some people think that taking a small amount of T3 improves conversion, but in my experience, that just isn't true.


What I get confused about is tsh t4 and t3 all seem to be low ! Normally tsh would be higher if the other 2 are low ! Does it matter if my tsh becomes even lower ?


I wonder if you have a slight degree of secondary hypothyroidism i.e. your body is unable to produce sufficient TSH for your needs. It can happen. Or it could just be low because your meds include T3 which has a habit of suppressing TSH quite dramatically in some cases. The problem is that doctors get very worked up about a low TSH.

Low TSH in itself doesn't cause any symptoms. The really important one is your Free T3. If that is low in range or below range you will be hypothyroid. If it is very high in range or above the range then you are likely to be over-medicated (in the event that you are hypothyroid) or hyperthyroid. Doctors sometimes tell hypothyroid patients that they have become hyperthyroid when what they really mean (usually) is "over-medicated". This is very sloppy terminology that confuses patients, in my view.

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Thanks for that ! You may be correct with your first comment as when I was first treated my tsh wasn't very high at all .... it was the other 2 that were Low also and I had to find a doctor who was willing to treat me .... I had problems with both pregnancies and something that has always stuck in my mind is I never produced any breast milk for both my children ....


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