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blood tests for cortisol. Vitamins and tsh

Pleas please help me with my blood tests. I'm confused as they are continually normal no action. Yet I feel tired. Not sleeping well. Wakening un refreshed aching and stiff. Very low mood. Cannot focus or remember anything at all. Words names and sentences. Even got lost on my way to work while driving, I have done this route eleven years. I'm jumpy and nervous. Always feeling like I've not long to live. I'm slowly pushing my nearest and dearest away with my behaviour. Yet I say sorry and it starts all over again the very next day, I'm tearful and very unhappy. Constant bloating, headache. Jaw ache and I'm sure I've stopped breathing briefly in my sleep. Woke up in a panic. My throat feels like I'm choking. Sorry .

Here is my results, it's long and drawn out, please help I'm desperate for advice,

Thyroid peroxide ab 7 ku/l range <34 ku/l

Tsh. 2.23 my/l range 0.30-4.7

Full blood count

Nucleated rb cell count 0 10*9/l Range <0

Eosinophil count 0.14 10*9/l range 0.04-0.4

Haematocrit 0.428 l/l Range 0.360-0.460

Haemoglobin estimation 138 gl Range 115-165

Lymphocyte count 1.95 10*9/l Range 1- 4.5

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin 30.9 pg range 27-34

Mean corpuscular volume 96 fl Range 83-101

Monocytes count 0.53 10*9/l Range 0.2-0.8

Neutrophil count 4.41 10*9/l range 2-7

Platelet count 408 10*9/l Range 150-450

Red blood cell 4.46 10*12/l range 3.8-4.8

Total white cell 7.07 10*9/l range 4-11

Basophil count 0.04 10*9/l Range <0.1

Urea and electrolytes

Serum sodium 141 mol/l range 133- 146

Serum potassium 4.4 mol/l Range 3.5-5.3

Serum urea level 5.2 mol/l range 2.5-7.8

Serum creatinine 64 mol/l range 55-95

Serum ferritin 59ug/l Range 12-200

Serum Vitamin B12 242 pmol/l. 145-569

Serum folate 6.3 ug/l range 4.6-18.7

25-OH vitamin D level 92 nmol/ range 25- 50

Sorry it's long winded, any help is much appreciated πŸ™πŸ»

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Dutch07 Can you edit your post and put your B12 result in please, you've only put the range.

Is there only TSH for thyroid? No FT4 or FT3?

To edit, click on the down arrow V underneath your message, make the changes and click the green button.

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Yes only tsh Susie . I've edited the B12 results, thanks for your reply πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Dutch07 There is nothing flagged on your FBC and Us and Es but there are some deficiencies with your vitamins and minerals which should be addressed.

Ferritin is best half way through range with an absolute minimum of 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly, and that is our own thyroid hormone as well as thyroid hormone replacement, so you need to increase your level. You could consider supplementing with iron tablets but as yours is not dire then if you are not vegetarian I would suggest you eat liver once a week as that should raise your ferritin nicely without any of the problems that iron tablets can bring. If you want iron tablets then just ask and suggestions can be made.

B12 is low, in fact that range is low. We usually see the range go up to about 700+. (In Japan the range starts at 500!) It's generally recommended that B12 be at the top of the range, even 900-1000. You could supplement with Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg daily for 3-4 months then reduce to 1000mcg daily as a maintenance dose. Re-testing B12 is pointless once supplementing unless you are off it for 5 months. You could, however, get an active B12 test at a later date (but I don't know much about that test). Let the lozenge dissolve under the tongue to get directly into the bloodstream, don't chew or swallow as that destroys the B12.

Folate should be at least half way through it's range and yours is very low, needs to be 11.7+ with that range. When taking B12 we need a B Complex to balance the B vits. Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right both contain 400mcg methylfolate which will help raise your folate level. I used Thorne and raised mine from very bottom to very top of range in 2.5 months using 1 capsule a day. B vits can be stimulating so best taken in the morning, no later than lunchtime.

Vit D is in the replete range which is 75-200, and the recommended level is 100-150. You could, during the winter, take a maintenance dose while we have so little sunlight to give us natural Vit D. As Vit D needs K2-MK7 as an important co-factor it might be better to get a combo supplement. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs it to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. A good combo supplement in liquid form is nutriadvanced.co.uk/d3-drop... and you could take 6 drops daily to give 2000iu D3 which would be a good maintenance dose. If you prefer a capsule this is a good combo one amazon.co.uk/d/4f2/Nutricol... . Take D3 with the fattiest meal of the day as it is fat soluble.

When taking D3 another important co-factor is magnesium which most of us need anyway. You can see the different forms of magnesium here and see which one would suit you best naturalnews.com/046401_magn... . Magnesium is calming so best taken in the evening.

Don't start all supplements at the same time, start with one and give it a week or two and if no adverse reaction then add in the second one. Give them a week or two again and if no reaction add in the third one, etc. That way if you have a problem you will know what has caused it.

Optimising your vitamins and minerals should make a difference but looking at your TSH your thyroid is starting to struggle. However, it's nowhere near the level that will prompt your GP to do further investigation unfortunately. You could ask for FT4 and antibodies to be tested but frequently the lab won't do them when TSH is in range.

I suggest you get a private fingerprick blood test done through Blue Horizon which many of us do. As your vitamins and minerals have been tested you really only need full thyroid tests so the Thyroid Plus Six will be enough, it includes FT4 and FT3 plus both types of antibodies which will give the whole picture bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/P...

Once you have the results make a new thread and members can comment.


Thanks very much for all your wise and helpful info, I'm so grateful Susie . I will be back Intouc, β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»


golden rule for working out lab results from age 25-40 levels decline by 1% per year example I am 41years old so I go by using what the worst they should be i.e 16% off the highest level within the reference range. I would recommend putting in a subject access request to you're G.P surgery and hospitals you attend or attended ask for "ALL INFORMATION" the only way to get the truth

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Thankyou I will πŸ‘πŸ»


Your B12 levels are low Dutch07 and, with the neurological symptoms you've described, GP should be treating you with B12 injections without delay as per BNF/BCSH guidelines in the pinned posts on the HU PA site :

"The BNF advises that patients presenting with neurological symptoms should receive 1000 ug i.m. on alternate days until there is no further improvement."

However, few GPs understand PA/ B12 deficiency, and what they consider 'normal' results are not normal at all, as deficiencies begin to appear in the cerebral spinal fluid below 550.

It would be a good idea to go back to GP armed with your list of symptoms and information, in case needed. It might also be as well to take someone close to you for support, to ensure these results and symptoms are taken seriously. Without wishing to alarm, the longer you are left untreated, the longer it will take to recover and greater the risk of permanent damage.

To start with, here are some helpful sites you may not have seen:



The above latest BMJ research document has a useful summary and important information re. blood tests - bottom of page 4 under 'how is response to treatment assessed'.

Hashimoto's and PA are both autoimmune diseases, with symptoms overlapping, and many researchers believe the source is 'leaky gut', so following a gluten free diet usually helps.

I hope you aren't unnecessarily alarmed by all of the above because you will also see from pinned posts on the PA site that, if early and adequately treated, many people do recover.


Hi no not alarmed just very greatful for your good advice, thanks I will act on this advice 😊

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Have you checked your adrenals if they are functioning as they are supposed to?


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