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can someone please help me with my blood work?

Serum b12 371 no range

, serum folate 6.6 (4.6-18.7)

, serum iron level 23 no range

serum ferritin 29 no range

, large unstained cells 0.14 10*9/L

, basophil count 0.03 10*9/L

, eosinophil count 0.1 10*9L

, monocyte count 0.34 10*9/L

, lymphocyte count 1.95 10*9/L,

neurophil count 3.72 10*9/L

, red blood count distrbutation width 12.1 no range

, platelet count 239 10*9/L

, mean corpusc hb conc (mchc) 322 no range

, mean corpusc haemoglobin 30.9 no range

mean corpuscular volume (mcv) 95.9 no range

haematrocrit 0.452 no range

haemoglobin estimation 146 no range

red blood cell 4.71 10*12L,

total white cell count 6.28 10*9L,

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Hi First I would go back and ask for the essential ranges, sometimes especially hospitals only give them if ask. I think you may benefit form B12 and Foliates, look into it. They are in range but low.The better test for B12 is the cells not the test you had, costs more!! The others are all FBC.You can look them up on line, but most ranges vary a little.They are not quite the usual FBC, a few are, as I cannot find much on all mine to be the same. You can just gogle individual tests, and get guidance. The ones with a star are slightly out, but I do not think from memory very much. I think they may be the ones that are the better tests for iron/Feritin and B12. Sorry not very helpful but I would not want to give info on something I am not sure about. Above all check the doc has definitely looked properly at them. If much out they do ask you to come in.

Sorry cannot help more.

Best wishes,



there is nothing wrong with the ones which have a star, they are all 'normal' not just on NHS but they are in real life too :D (LOL real life).

folic acid, ferritin and b12 are all low (not for NHS but they are not optimal), b12 ideally >550, ferritin 70-90 for women is optimal, folic acid needs to be more around 12.

Your GP will not supplement any of these :( (sigh)

(the numbers with the star just indicate the 'unit of measure')

for example in my hospital normal ranges are:

WBC (white blood cell) 4.0 - 11.0 x10^9

RBC (red blood cell) 3.95 - 5.15 x10^12

RDW (red cell distribution width) 11 - 16

PLT (platelets) 150 - 400 x 10^9

Neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) 1.5 - 7 x 10^9

Lymphocytes (another type of white cell) 1.2 - 3.5 x 10^9

Monocytes (another type of white cell) 0.2 - 1 x 10^9

MCH (haematocrit) 27 - 32

MCV 80 - 100

haemoglobin 12 to 15 g/dl (in nichola's case it must be a different unit of measurement)


thanks. I actually only had 4 days of my 5000mcg b12 and my folate so maybe I should increase? I got to admit my results are a lot better than last august and it seems like me dosing on vitimins is slowly making my blood work look better, I think I really need the b12, as soon as I stop them im pretty much feeling like crap!

Both my sisters has a b12 deficiency and they are on the injections for life, could this be showing that im going down this path? x


re B12: not necessarily, so many people are deficient with or without pernicious anaemia

I suggest carry on with 5000 sublingual daily , as you say you only been doing this for 4 days so much longer is needed, you can take them indefinitely


I had been of it 4 days prior to the test x


they have just recently changed the unit by 10 x


ive been doing it for over 2 months x


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