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full blood count and other tests, advice on results plz?

serum ferritin 48ug/l (range 15-200)

serum folate 4.9ug/l (range 4.6-18.7)

serrum vitimin b12 245ng/l (no range)

serrum tsh 0.97mu/l (ranger o.35-4.5)

corrected serum calcuim level 2.53mmol/l (no range)

alt/sgpt serrum level 12u/l (range 0-40)

serrum alkaline phosphatase 88u/l (range 25-92)

serrum bilirubin level 8umol/l (no range)

liver function test-just doctors name by it :/

serrum sodium 139mmol/l (no range)

serrum potassium 3.5mmol/l (no range)

serrum electrolytes-docs name

serrum creatinine 81umol/l (no range)

serrum calcium 2.53mmol (no range)

serrum albumin 46g/l (no range)

blood glucose 7.7mmol/l (no range) having extra tests!

large unstained cells 0.14 10*9/l

basophil count 0.04 10*9/l

eosinophil count 0.23 10*9/l

monocyte count 0.27 10*9/l

lymphocyte count 2.85 10*9/l

neutrophil count 5.1 10*9/l

red blood cell distrubution width 13.2 (no range)

platelate count 238 10*9/l

mean corpusc. hb. conc. (mchc) 31.9g/dl (no range) says low!

mean corpusc.haemoglobin (mch) 31.3pg (no range)

mean corpuscular volume (mcv) 98.1fl (no range)

haematocrit 0.479 (says high( (no range)

haemoglobin est 15.3g/dl (no range)

red blood cell (rbc) count 4.88 10*12/l

total white cell count 8.64 10*9/l

this is all the tests i have had to date, dont know if it would help??

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Your B12 is towards the bottom of range and your MCV is possibly towards top of range. Your folate is just above bottom of range. And your RDW is a bit higher than middle. And low MCHC also points in this direction.

The picture I get from this is that should should be supplementing with B12.

Ideally you would have an Active B12 test.

DO NOT supplement with folate - until you supplement with B12. Doing so can mask the effects of low B12 but you could continue suffering nerve damage from low B12.

I might well have missed many other issues!



Whats the best to start on? x


If you can get your GP help, that would be good.

If not, I think I would try some methylcobalamin tablets. Maybe start on 1000 mcg and see how it goes? You can always take more than one a day if you feel the need! Some people use 5000 mcg tablets.

I hope others pile in here - I only really have experience of one make!


My doctor is saying no furthur action to my fbc and left me feeling horrid! ive been getting some help on here for this i just dont know where to turn and how to go about getting my levels healthy, i dont know how to tackle the gp as im almost certain she thinks im nuts!

My ft3 and ft4 is at each end of the table to with one being in the higher top range and the othr being in the lower top range!

I know they wont help me so i want to treat myself, i have a endo appointment in may, can i take these results to her or dont she deal with the fbc part?

thanks for your input x


Take the results with you. It might be she is not interested. But if you have not got them, and she cannot access them for any reason, you would have them with you.

Maybe even mention B12? But again, she might not be interested.


If she isn't interested who would be? seems like we got to help ourselfs now adays, so how do i get the folate up? x


Vegetables and folate supplements such as folic acid. But I repeat, do NOT start taking folates until you start B12.


Thanks for your input, i may ask for another fbc because the last one was done in august just to see where my bloods lay now befor i supplement, i just dont know how to tackle the low folate as the gp thinks because its in range im fine! x


You can buy folic acid or various folate tablets from pharmacists, health food shops, Amazon or elsewhere online.


I was actually taking the Vitabiotics Feroglobin-B12 Iron Supplement Liquid 200ml when i had this test in august 2012 x


That only has 5 mcg of B12 - you need 1000 mcg to get B12 level up.

Once your B12 level drops because you are not absorbing it properly, you HAVE to use huge doses.

However, that might be OK for iron and folic acid - did not really take much notice.


Either way im going to have to kick my gp into touch :D x



I totally agree and your Vit B12 is too low........ Speak with your GP about this but I think the reference range I have is 200 to 750 so he may not do anything. I wonder what your B12 levels would have been if you had not been supplementing. I would try and get another B12 test and also Vitamin D. What symptoms do you have?

Like I say try and get a blood test and see if your GP will do anything. If he doesn't then try Jarrow Methyl B-12 5000 mcg....... you let them dissolve under your tongue...... they taste lovely.

Good Luck



Thanks, i actually ordered the jarrows last night due to come tomorrow, i cant wait to see if they make a huge inpact in my health im also thinking in ordering Life Extension L-methyl folate, 1000mcg per tablet, to see if this helps my folate level! x


I started taking jarrows at the weekend. Also been taking vitamin c, vitamin d and folic acid Was taking oral b12 until the I found out about jarrows and ordered some. Been doing this for 6 weeks now. Feel no different really but jarrows b12 may help. How long should I wait before asking for another blood test. I feel awful today, no energy, severe muscle fatigue, fizzing feeling in my body. So so cold too. I know it's colder out too. I also have come out in horrible spots on my neck and in my hairline. Could that be supplements? Only thing that I havechanged recently.


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