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last test result received today

iron 18.6 umol/L 6.6000 - 26.000

TIBC 49.4 umol/L 41.000 -77.000

transferrin saturation 37.65 20.000 - 55.000

ferritin 322.9 ug/l 13.000 -150.000..

tsh 1.35 0.270 - 4.200

ft4 11.1 pmol 10.0 - 25.0

ft3 3.0 pmol 2.80 - 7.0

folate serum 19.98 ug/l 4.600 - 18.700

serum sodium 141 mmol/l 133 - 146

vitamin b12 458.7 pg/ml 191.000 - 661.000

vitamin d 75.2 nmol/l 50 - 150.

should i get more tests like antibodies before i start on ndt

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Your ferritin is very high. Are you supplementing? If so, I would stop. If not, your doctor should investigate why it's so high.

Your TSH is okish, but your Frees are very low. What are you taking?

Your vit D and B12 are lowish. B12 is optimal at 1000, but should in any case be over 500. Your folate is fine.

Before you start on NDT, it would be a good idea to optimise your nutrients. But, you should get antibodies tested, anyway.


i have just checked my ferriten result which had been included as part of a different test done 2 weeks previous to the one i posted to you and it was 216.4 i had been taking iron supplemnts but it would have all been out of my system for latest result so i am going to get in touch with lab.

i am not on any meds for thyroid. i have upped my vit d to 1200iu daily and b12 and b complex.i have changed my diet to full fat no carbs. i willcheckout price of antibodies test



Why do you think it would all be out of your system? No point in supplementing if it all leaves your system in 2 weeks.

How much B12 are you taking?

A no-carb diet is not a good idea. You need some carbs to help you absorb your thyroid hormone replacement. The body needs some carbs, too.


i had been taking 28gr of iron daily for about a year.and because the test said to stop taking iron 5 days beforehand...I thought thats how long it took to get out of the system. the second test would have been 2 weeks later. which by that time would be 3 weeks and for it to come back so much higher didnt make sense. 1,000mg b12..i am not on thyroid replacement yet.i am allowing myself 2o gr of carbs a day but wanted to introduce more fat as i have been practically vegetarian for years...ihave looked at antibodies tests and there are a few sodont know which one to order


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