Vits and timing

Vits and timing

Hi, can someone organise me 😊... I take vit d vit k2.. Gentle iron.. B12 tablets and a b complex.. Thinking of getting vit c and selenium.. I can't seem to group these together well enough I take my t3 and t4 around 7 and progesterone tabs and oestrogen gel before bed at say 11... Can anyone organise me in a way that I can fit them in... If anyone can also confirm right amounts 😊 I appreciate it

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  • Scorpiojo,

    Take vitD with the fattiest meal of the day and at least 4 hours away from T4+T3. VitC should be taken with iron to aid absorption. Iron should also be taken at least 4 hours away from T4+T3. Check whether iron should be taken before or with food. If with food, you can take all your vits together.

  • Thanks... So how long between iron and the d and k2?? What about the selenium and hrt stuff? It sometimes feels like I won't fit them all in 😡

  • Scorpiojo,

    As I said, if iron can be taken with food, take them all together. I'd take the HRT at bedtime away from thyroid meds as you already do.

  • Thanks

  • You might find this ebook incredibly helpful in understanding

  • Thanks 😊

  • Morning, I didn't have any vitamin tests but started a course on my own research. I have had graves diesease since October last year and because I was hospitalised due to complications with carbimazole I decided to go down the natural route. My specialist told be that I needed to go down the radio iodine or surgery path but I decided against it. I take magnesium, vitamin D and for selenium I eat 4 Brazil nuts a day and please go gluten free! Last week I had my bloods taken and I'm now in remission! It's still a long road to stay in the 'normal' range I feel I am now up for the task. It's very true....... Knowledge is power. Good luck.

  • I love nuts so I think after the vits I bought run put I'll do the Brazil nuts.. Thanks 😊

  • Gemma123 Please be careful with Vit D if you've not been tested. As Vit D is fat soluble and is stored in the body, it can become toxic over time. It's recommended to test once or twice a year when supplementing. It costs £28 through City Assays (if you're in the UK). Also, are you also taking Vit K2 which is needed because Vit D aids absorption of calcium and vitamin K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth.

  • Hey seasidesusie,

    Thank you for your message. I will defiantly look into getting a test done....... Didn't realise it would be so reasonable!


  • Hello scorpiojo,,,I have always found that vits and supplements should be taken with or after a meal,,,,this is a safe way of adding them to your day,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thanks 😊

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