Vitamin D supplement and Multi Vits?

Hi all, this is off topic but I hope you will forgive me but I wanted to ask here as because you are very knowledgeable!

My mother is 89 and doctor has prescribed Vit D3, I think 600, without testing - at my request after doing some research online into her complaint (not her thyroid). He said he would prescribe as all elderly people are deficient in Vit D.

My question is is it safe for me to give her a good multi vit as well as her Vit D or is there a danger of too much?

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  • I take 10 or 20,000 IU a day! 600 is a small dose, but I would push for testing before she starts it, or there is a postal testing service too, you can probably find that by searching.

  • Ah I thought it might be small! I will go ahead and give her the multi vits too.

    She's not up to traveling a long way for private blood tests (which we have to do here where we live) and I wouldn't want to finger prick her either. Doctor has already said testing not necessary due to age so won't test.

  • Apparently too much D3 is not good but the recommended daily iu is far too low ,you might also want to add B12 separately as I have heard it can be very good fo the elderly. Excess B12 is excreted.

  • Thank you

  • Thanks Treepie, good to hear excess B12 is excreted, will get some

  • Google Dr Chandy .He is another out on a limb GP who spoke at the TPA conference last month.

  • Interesting!

  • Bobsmydog, I'd up the vitD3 to 2-3,000iu which is a maintenance dose for adults. Elderly patients don't produce vitD well even they manage to get a lot of sun.

    I agree with Treepie that supplementing B12 is a good idea. Try 5,000mcg sublingual lozenges, patches or spray for 6-8 weeks to build levels which are generally low in the elderly and reduce to 2,000mcg daily after. B12 deficiency in the elderly is often misdiagnosed as dementia.

  • Thanks Clutter, she doesn't go out at all now!

    I asked doc about B12 too as she has consumed vast quantities of antacids for years which apparently interfere with absorption, but he ignored my suggestion to look at that.

  • Bob, GPs are only recently accepting the importance of good vitD. Most have no clue about B12 and other vitamins. I'd shovel 'em into your mother, they'll only do her good.

  • Got my shovel out ready!

  • Thanks x

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