Timing of meds

I can't get my head around this at the moment while I'm functioning on such little sleep. I need to figure out a decent eating and meds schedule so that things don't clash! If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it.

So the meds I need to take:

1 grain NDT (At 7am on waking)

1 grain NDT around lunch time ish





I was taking a multi vit that I liked because it has folate in it instead of folic acid but I don't know if I'll continue using it cus it contains iron too and I don't know when to take it to not clash with the NDT. So perhaps I'll go back to a B complex which I absolutely HAVE to take with food otherwise I feel awful. So I guess include that too.

Am I missing anything else?? Lol seems like a lot of tablets to take

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The multivit is useless as the iron stops anything else being absorbed, and if you take it within four hours of your thyroid meds and within two hours of any of the other supplements then the iron will affect their absorption.

How about taking D3/K2 with your evening meal and your Magnesium before bed. B12/B Complex with breakfast. And instead of taking iron tablets, which are always difficult to fit in, eat liver and iron rich foods instead.

I've found an iron supplement that seems to not cause me issues but then I've only taken it once. I struggle with foods because of IBS. IBS probably due to hypo and/or low B12 etc. I find it hard to eat high fat foods. Even chicken thighs and legs are too fatty and make me unwell. I don't know what would happen if I ate liver. Also, liver is gross haha!!

I know my absorption right now is low because I'm in a very hypo state but I'm sure this will improve once I raise my levels. Interesting about the multi vit though. Won't be bothering with buying more of that then!!

Liver isn't a fatty food - approx 4g of fat per 100g liver, about the same as chicken breast and half that of chicken thighs.

Sometimes needs must. I used to be a demi-veggie but as I couldn't tolerate iron supplements I had to do something. And it's amazing how many people say 'Yuck' yet they're not willing to try.

Oh for some reason I thought liver was high in fat. Oh trust me I'll do anything to not feel this unwell!! Even if I have to swallow down some liver once a week. My butcher has lambs liver I think, is that good?

Liver is high in vitamin A which is why it's said to eat no more than 200g a week.

I use lamb's liver, so all good :)

There are lots of recipes on the internet you could try, I like it just fried in butter, lightly so it's tender rather than overcooked and leathery. Onions and roasted cherry tomatoes are nice with it.

You can mince it and add to casseroles, cottage pie, curry, bolognese, etc.

Thanks, so iron supps aren't needed if consuming liver regularly? My ferritin was 42 or something back in Jan so it's not through the floor but it could do with a raise

It worked very well for me, I raised my ferritin level from 35 to 91 by eating liver, no iron tablets as I couldn't tolerate them. Now it's 91 I eat it every 7-10 days rather than being strict about eating it once a week.

Thanks I think this will be a good solution for me. I could do with the extra vit A as taking vit D supps can reduce the levels of your vit A.

Yes, Vit A is one of D3's cofactors mentioned by the Vit D Council vitamindcouncil.org/about-v...

Liver is classed as a superfood chriskresser.com/natures-mo...

Win, win!

To the butcher with me!! I assume I also need to consume liver 4 hours away from NDT?

Do you have your main meal in the evening? If so, the time factor is taken care of as you take NDT at lunchtime. To be honest, I am at the moment splitting my T3 dose as my new brand is stronger than the previous one, and I probably have my liver about two hours after my T3. But I honestly don't know whether eating liver would have the same effect as an iron tablet. I've not had to think about that before because I usually have my Levo and T3 early morning and liver evening.

This is a link which may be helpful. All of the answers are good and you might be interested in the one dated January 30, 2002.


Thank you, that was all very interesting reading. I wish I had an endocrinologist who understood all of that who would sit down with me for an hour and discuss it all haha. If only eh!!

Splitting doses though...Makes it tough to manage to take it away from food. I split mine twice as the post says but come evening time I start to feel rough. I know I'm pretty hypo at the moment so my levels are all out of whack, but I'm considering doing a three split and taking some in the evening. I guess it would have to be several hours after dinner. Wish we could just inject the stuff and bypass the digestive system entirely.

Dr Lowe responded to a question from someone who took their dose twice a day.

He then stated in that link that all his patients take one daily dose of whatever thyroid hormones they take and goes on to explain why, ie. food etc:-

"Dr. Lowe: As a rule, our patients take thyroid hormone only once per day. An advantage of this one-per-day schedule is that it’s easier to find a window for good intestinal absorption—when the stomach or small intestine doesn’t contain food


Yes I did see that one but for example, today has been an improvement for me compared to yesterday. But right now I can feel symptoms creeping back, starting to feel agitated, ears ringing again, tingling in hands again. It's such a minefield because I just don't know what is causing these symptoms, B12 deficiency or hypothyroid. Or something else.

I'm not making much sense at the moment, I just would quite like to feel better. I'm sure many people here feel that way! These past few weeks since my disasterous crash from switching from NDT back to T4 have been hell and I'd like to live my life again now.

When taking NDT we start on a dose equal to levo, then after week increase by 1/4 tablet until symptoms improve, taking temp/pulse several times day before you begin and when attempting to find your 'sweet spot' on NDT.


Thank you shaws for sharing with the thyroid community very interesting writing's . They are very eye opening interesting . It just proves how much more there is to thyroids . More than we can ever imagine . We should count ourselves Blessed and Lucky in a sense that we are living in times where more is known . It certainly makes our journey that much easier . Now if only Endo/Dr's would open up their eyes and minds and start thinking out of the box and treat thyroid patients how thyroid patients need to be treated . Nothing less than OPTIMOL .

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