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Blood results

I thought I posted these yesterday for advice ... Still not sure what I am doing ,so please accept my apologies .

I have just received my latest blood works after raising my NDT by 1/2 grain to 2 grains since 3 rd blood work..... my private endo had told me to reduce from 11/2 to 1 grain . I was feeling much better but hit a brick wall the last three weeks with the usual symptoms ......fatigue , depressed , itchy skin , weight gain , hair loss , painful joint etc ... So I thought something was amiss but still surprised at the blood work as the T4 , T3 were lower than the previous test

3rd Dec 15 5th February 2016

TSH 0.9 (0.3-5.0). < 0.05

T4. 9.0 (pmol/L). 7.5

T3. 4.6. (3.5-6.5 ). 3.9

Dr at the Marion Gluck clinic who ordered the blood and the adrenal testing I was told today has suddenly left , so I have to choose another...

The adrenal test result are in next week , she thought that and low ferrite could be the cause !

Serum iron 22 umol/L ( 14-28 )

Serum Ferritin 28 ugl/L ( 10- 420 ) 1 was told by GP it was within range but the MG Dr said to low to up my iron ....take with Vit C

Vit D. 159nmol/L

B12 675 mg/L ( 220- 700)

Serum folate. 15.5 ugl/L. (. 2.6-17.3)

I would like some more advice as I know that there are lots of you that are so more experienced at this than I am .....on advice I have last night upped by 1/2 grain .😊

Thanks .....

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Your previous post is in the link below.

To check on your previous forum activity click on your username at the top of the screen and then click on "profile". You will find previous posts and all your replies.

You had several good suggestions from members in your previous post and Jazzw gave you sound advice.



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