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Blood test results??

Hi I posted on here a few months ago and got some great advice.

I have been taking various supplements and T3 and have been to the doctor for more blood tests. I have recently moved into a new area so am with a new doctor. I'm confused! I list below my first blood test results and my recent Ones. Any comments will be gratefully received.

Thyroid function test Serum free T4 level 15.1 pmol/L range 12.00-22.00

Serum free T3 level 3.7 pmol/L range 3.10-6.80

Serum TSH level 0.56 mu/L range 0.30-4.20 mu / L

Serum B12 365pg/ml Range 197-866 pg/ml

Serum foliate 7.2ng / ml Range 4.6 - 18.7 ng/ml

Vit D 59 nmol / L range 50-120 nmol/ L

Serum free T4 21 pmol range 10-22 pmol/ L

Serum free T3 level not tested

Serum TSH level <0.01mu/ L range 0.3-5.5 mu/ L

Serum B12 1478 ng/ L range 211-900 ng/ L ( told this is too high)

Serum foliate 16.4 ug/L range 4-20ug/ L

Serum D 108.8 nmol/L range > 50nmol/ L

Help !!

Thanks Sue

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Sueoathall, TSH <0.01 is suppressed because the pituitary gland detects sufficient T4 and T3. FT4 is at the top of the range, and you should check FT3 isn't over range by ordering a private FT3 test from Blue Horizon or Genova via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

You can't overdose on B12 supplements as excess is excreted in urine but there's no point in peeing out expensive supplements so you can halve your dose.

Folate and vitD are good, but you need to maintain vitD Oct-Apr with D3 5,000iu alternate days.

What's confusing you, Sue?


New doctor hasn't tested my T3, which I specifically asked for. I'm due to see the doctor next week about my results. I may have to get a private T3 test to see if I'm on too much. I still don't feel right. Temperature regulation, foggy brain and insomnia are persisting. I just want too feel well!

Thanks for the advice


Is your doctor aware you are taking T3? If so he should have put this as a reason for having FT3 tested and the lab should have done this. The medical profession, and this includes the people in the labs who often refuse to carry this out, should be aware that TSH and FT4 don't really help that much and that's it's essential to do the TF3 result to check that you aren't taking too much and that you are converting the inactive T4 to the active T3. I also wonder if your doctor actually requested it or just said he had!


Hi fox yes I told her I was on T3 and that I wanted it tested. As you say they seem to do what they want! Feel thoroughly ffrustrated! I want to go to the appt fully armed with info. I've looked into private blood test, as suggested by clutter, but it's quite expensive. Will do it if I really have to. Hoping the doctor will agree and actually do it! I was sent to the local hospital for the test. Pain in the bum!


Hi Sue, normally a person taking T3 will show a very reduced T4 and yours went up significantly from 15 to 21. Do you have any idea how that would happen? Were you taking thyroxine when you first had tests? Are you still taking some?


Yes I had taken my thyroxine when I had the first test. I'm still taking it, the same amount (125mg). I think I took it on the day of the test too. No, I've no idea why it's shot up . Thanks


Hi folks it's me again! So I saw the new doc again and she suggested reducing my thyroxine from 125mg to 100 mg a day but keep taking my T3. (12.5mg). Then after a month do another blood test. I have now done this and got a print out of my results today. Going to see doctor on Monday to discuss.

I would like to know what you think of the results so I can go in "armed" !

Previous results were

T4 15.1 12-22

TSH 0.56 0.3-4.2

T3 3.7 3.1-6.8

New results are

T4 16.0 12-22

TSH 0.02 0.3-5.5

T3 6.8 3.10-6.80

I don't know what to think!

I'm sleeping badly, keep feeling hot then cold. Sore throats. Very itchy scalp, tired, virtually non existent eyebrows, coming up in little lumps on my arms and body.

Help! Thank you!




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