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Best supplement for pregnancy

Hi all just wanted others opinions on which of the supplements I've found would be the better ones too take. I've recently suffered an early loss in pregnancy so I'm not pregnant yet but want too get my levels up for when we do try again. I have pcos and very reduced fertility have appointment with gynaecologist in October. So before then id like too get the est supplements I can start and carry on during pregnancy that's why I'm looking for pregnancy supplements over normal ones. It seems though most contain iodine :-( I've found two which don't seem too.

Sanatogen mum too be

Vitamin D 200 10μg

Vitamin E 71 8.5mg α - TE

Vitamin C 113 90mg

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 145 1.6mg

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 129 1.8mg

Niacin 119 19mg NE

Vitamin B6 186 2.6mg

Folic Acid (Folacin) 200 400μg

Vitamin B12 100 2.5μg

Biotin 400 200μg

Pantothenic Acid 145 8.7mg

Calcium 21 170mg

Phosphorus 19 133.3mg

Iron 100 14mg

Magnesium 27 100mg

Zinc 75 7.5mg

Copper 100 1000μg

Manganese 50 1mg

And also d lux pregnancy

Each dosage (5 sprays) delivers an optimal 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3 along with the recommended 400mcg of Folic Acid, 6mcg of vitamin B12 and 100% of the guideline daily amount of vitamins K, B1 and B6.

There may be others but which one looks best?

Thanks for help

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Hi Nettiboo

You are very wise to be looking at the best possible conditions for conception and I'd start with healthy diet and plenty of B12 - I wish I'd known more about the information below when I was pregnant - many years ago now! I hope this helps

"In the early 1930s, a Cleveland dentist named Weston A. Price (1870-1948) began a series of unique investigations. For over ten years, he traveled to isolated parts of the globe to study the health of populations untouched by western civilization.

The isolated groups Dr. Price investigated understood the importance of preconceptual nutrition for both parents. Many tribes required a period of special feeding before conception, in which nutrient-dense animal foods were given to young men and women. These same foods were considered important for pregnant and lactating women and growing children. Price discovered them to be particularly rich in minerals and in the fat-soluble activators found only in animal fats.

The isolated people Price photographed–with their fine bodies, ease of reproduction, emotional stability and freedom from degenerative ills–stand forth in sharp contrast to civilized moderns subsisting on the “displacing foods of modern commerce,” including sugar, white flour, pasteurized milk, lowfat foods, vegetable oils and convenience items filled with extenders and additives."

Very best wishes for a healthy conception and pregnancy.


I'd recommend Jarrow's 5000 mcg. taken sublingually - you cannot overdose and pregnancy makes high demand on B12 and is very important if you are vegetarian as it is only available in animal foods.


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