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B12 supplement during pregnancy safe?

B12 supplement during pregnancy safe?

Hi all

I'm trying to conceive after 2 early miscarriages. Recently found out my b12 is low.

I've bought Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 5000 mcg which I will start taking this week. I want something strong as I have been taking pregnacare for the last 12 months and that has 800% rda of b12 but it obviously hasn't been working.

When I become pregnant again, is it safe to continue with the Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 5000 mcg?


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Molliemoo1, have a look at the information in


Are you being treated for your hypothyroidism?

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molliemoo, well done for fighting so hard and discovering so much. It is very important to get all the B vits high before conception, but also your ferritin level is a bit low pre conception, take ferrous bisglycinate or similar and get your iron levels up and watch both B vits and iron and D while pregnant and while breastfeeding.

Your Tsh is rising.... you need that to be controlled.


My GP wants to do her own test after seeing the blue horizon test. So I'm waiting for that. But I saw a private endocrinologist who has prescribed a trial of thyroxine 25mg.

Desperate to get a diagnosis on the NHS so that I'm properly monitored during pregnancy. Blood test at 730 am tomorrow. Fingers crossed tsh is still above range... If you know what I mean!


Ps have a look at the pa forum, if you post about B 12 there they will help. There is a big overlap between auto immune conditions, autoimmune gastritis, which can be a precursor to pernicious anaemia, overlaps in my memory by about 35 per cent in some research.

The fact that you are not absorbing B12 suggests to me that you may just possibly have a secondary problem, not necess AIG, may be worth excluding.


I wonder if your hypothyroidism could be a sign that your pituitary gland is not functioning perfectly. You might be short of the FSH/LH pituitary hormones, which would make it hard for you to conceive. Have you been checked for these? Google FSH/LH . .


I haven't had fsh or lh tested but we have conceived first time both times. Just both ended in early miscarriages. X


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