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Undiagnosed, advice welcome

First up hello everybody. I'm a 33 year old male from the UK. I went to doctor's with some symptoms and they ordered blood tests which 99% were in range and seem happy at that. I know I need more testing but don't know where to start and what to ask for.


Low pulse 40bpm

Basal temp. 36.1 degrees Celsius one week, 35.8 next. (96.98F & 96.44F)

Last few years increasingly susceptible to cold

Numbness in fingers/toes in cold, hand seize up

Pins and needles in hands upon waking entire limb if sit/lean on hard surface

Regular chest pains; sharp stabbing in heart region or feels like heart pounding fast. Mainly the sharp pain though

Feel dreadful upon rising, no matter how much sleep

Often need a nap in afternoon

Fatigue, almost crippling at times.

Frequent urination -waking in night desperate for toilet at least once

Brain fog

Low mood, social anxiety

Loss of libido

Erectile dysfunction

Insatiable appetite even if have a massive meal still hungry (prone to massive binges though I've curbed that, or at least the sugar/carb part of, since doctor said might be prediabetic)

Theres other bits and pieces recent and in past too which I'll probably come to shortly. My research has pointed to hypothyroidism, hypogonadism maybe even. Borderline diabetes almost too

Blood test results:


Urea and electrolytes (X77Wi)

Serum sodium level (XE2q0) 141mmo/L (133.0-146.0)

Serum potassium level (XE2pz) 4.7mmo/L (3.5-5.3)

Serum urea level (XM0lt) 6.5mmo/L (2.5-7.8)

Serum creatinine level (XE2q5) 81 umol/L (64.0-110)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD (XaK8y) >90 mL/(60.0-200.0)

Plasma glucose level level (XM0ly) 6.2mmo/L (3.0-6.0)

Liver function tests (X77WP)

Serum total protein level (XE2e9) 73g/L (60.0-80.0)

Serum albumin level (XE2eA) 44g/L (33.0-45.0)

Serum globulin level (XE2eB) 29g/L (20.0-34.0)

Serum aminotransferase level (XaLJx) 27U/L (<37.0)

Serum alkaline phosphatase level (XE2px) 41U/L (30.0-130.0)

Serum bilirubin level (44E..) 6umo/L (<21.0)

Full blood count (424..)

Haemoglobin concentration (Xa96v) 150g/L (135.0-169.0)

Total white blood count (XaldY) 5.5 10*9/L (4.5-13.0)

Platelet count - observation (42P..) 204 10*9/L (140.0-400.0)

Red blood count (426..) 4.63 10*12/L (4.25-5.77)

Mean cell volume (42A..) 96.0fL (84.0-99.0)

Haematocrit (X76tb) 0.445 (0.41-0.51)

Mean cell haemoglobin level (XE2pb) 32.5pg (27.5-32.5)

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration (429..) 338g/L (309.0-348.0)

Neutrophil count (42J..) 2.61 10*9/L (2.0-7.5)

Lymphocyte count (42M..) 2.30 10*9/L (0.8-4.0)

Monocyte count - observation (42N..) 0.40 10*9/L (0.2-0.8)

Eosinophil count - observation (42K..) 0.10 10*9/L (0.04-0.4)

Basophil count (42L..) 0.10 10*9/L (00.0-0.2)

Serum lipid levels (XE2q7)

Serum cholesterol level (XE2eD) 5.6mmol/L

Serum triglyceride levels (XE2q9) 1.0mmo/L

Serum HDL cholesterol level (44P5.) 1.9mmol/L

Serum LDL cholesterol level (44P6.) 3.2mmol/L

Total cholesterol:HDL ratio (44PF.) 2.9

Thyroid function (TSH) 1.7 (0.35-4.94)


Glucose tolerance test Before glucose drink 5something mmo/L (perhaps 5.5), two hours later 6.6mmo/L

Blood glucose was above range but todays glucose tolerance test seems to be ok. I've gone strictly no sugar low carb though since learning about the possible prediabetes.

Like I say I'll pad this out a bit soon but just wondering what peoples initial thoughts are. I've booked to see GP again this coming Thursday and would like to request deeper testing. Full thyroid panel or as close as NHS will allow along with vit D, vit B12, iron, ferritin, folate etc. Male hormone testing, celiac/gluten intolerance, candida, food allergies? I don't know how far Britains NHS will allow for though.

I've just sent back a 'comprehensive adrenal stress profile' test I paid for privately.

Any observations, advice or pointers greatly appreciated.

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Have you looked up metabolic syndrome on the web? You want to be aiming for no higher than 4.7 fasting blood sugar - ranges are far too high - and the meal surges aren't good for you. Low B12 and folate could also cause some of your symptoms. (among others).

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I am sorry you are feeling unwell but you seem to have researched well and have a wide range clinical symptoms. This is some info which may be helpful. It is usual when the TSH is within range that no other tests are done i.e. T4, FT4, T3 and FT3:-

As well as the vitamins/minerals you suggest some of the symptoms point to a probable B12 deficiency or Pernicious Anaemia.


Every test under the sun but not the ones that are vital

TSH alone is inadequate because you may have CENTRAL /2ndary Hypothyroid which is pituarity failure

your odd glucose test is very typical of hypo

Without reference ranges its hard to tell about other results

You should not have to pay privately

Go back to your GP and request

Free T4

Thyroid Antibodies


because you understand that a low TSH plus your symptoms could actually indicate Central Hypothyroid

ask for reference ranges for your other results too


Thanks everyone, my results haven't pasted well but brackets at end of each test shows range with results just before


Serum sodium level (XE2q0) 141mmo/L (133.0-146.0)

=141 my result, 133.0-146.0 the range

So I went to doctors again today, glucose tolerance test came back fine.

Doctor immediately agreed to folate, ferritin etc tests to rule them possibilities out along with testosterone and celiac.

However she refused further thyroid testing as TSH showed 'no problem with thyroid'. I explained central hypothyroidism etc but she wouldn't budge even on fT4 testing as this 'only done when TSH abnormal'. To be honest I've read many people saying this is the NHS's stance on this so didn't argue further.

She then went on to remark if all these tests come back fine then we need to start looking at what the real cause might be... i.e. it's all in my head.... but 'let's see what the results bring first'.

I know I shouldn't have to pay but certain NHS will continue to refuse full thyroid panel so would a private test be worthwhile? I'd like to get to the bottom of all this asap


Hi my name is karen ,,,was interested in your post my symptoms are much the same as yours,,well most of them,,low pulse,base temp,fast heartbeat,so tired n fatiqued even after some sleep so tierd all the time av no energy,sweating all the time frequent trips to the loo''also my appetite as sored,,I would eat little n often,,but now I'm like a hungry monster,,also put on weight,been like this for about 15-16 months,,ad bloods done last year n came back as hyperthyroid,, iv ad this condition before in 2004.. but that was parathyroid overactive,,no treatment was given and it took about 12-14 wks for me to feel better,,no follow up was needed as bloods were normal,,,now forward to my bloods that iv ad done this past year,,showed hyperthyroid Dr told me to wait for six wks for secondary bloods,,they came bk overactive again,,was sent to endo,,who took more bloods,,came bk as NORMAL,,endo won't see me anymore as bloods are OK,,but my symptoms are still their,,now my Dr as put me on h,r,t as he says I'm menopausal,, but my symptoms are more like thiyroid''they won't budge on this matter''by the way''h'r't as made no difference if anything I feel worse,,and today like every other day is hell,why don't docs--endos look at individual cases'why do they always go by blood tests n not how the person is feeling,,about time thyroid tests were re-evaluated,, not happy with my treatment at docs/ and endo,,are going bk to docs about h'r't,,,not working ....wonder why...maby because,,,,its thyroid related illness''doh!!!!! Thanks if u read my post''seems like the only thing we common folk can do is to challenge the docs n endos,,and demand to av our blood tests explained in laymen terms,,hope u get sorted...


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