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Flu jab reaction


I had a flu vaccination for the firs time ever 10 days ago in my arm - which doesn't have lymphoedema - and had a mild reaction e.g. pink, swelling, sore. It subsided after three days but then my right leg became very painful from top to bottom and was swollen. I have lymphoedema from the waist downwards and in both legs so don't know why it was only the right leg which is affected. The pain has lessened in my leg now except that my right foot is very swollen and aches inside. I would like to see an MLD therapist but that is impossible in this lockdown. Has anybody else had this type of reaction to a flu jab?

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I think it is coincidental - but would advise you see a doctor ASAP as you may have an infection - an MLD therapist would not treat you until infection is ruled out.

caroline111 in reply to Lynora

Thanks, Lynora

Do get your leg looked at to rule out infection. Many MLD therapists are currently working, not all therapists are restricted from working in Tier 4 lockdown. Look on MLDUK.org.uk for a qualified therapist details by post code search to check with individual therapists if working.

caroline111 in reply to CCT67

Thank you. I'm relieved to say that my leg feels better and although my foot is still swollen it too feels a bit better.

With respect, I think it may be in the head.

There is no medical connection between Lymphoedema and the flu vaccine.

I have had that jab for years now without the slightest reaction.

Look after the swelling properly and requiesce in the fact that you are unlikely to get the flu this Winter.

caroline111 in reply to roysome

It's great that you don't have an adverse reaction to your flu jab - it's less great you telling me it's all ‘ in my head.’ Sadly, the history of lymphoedema is littered with cases of people who have been told that what they are suffering isn't ‘ real’ - you only have to look at the posts on this forum regarding lymphoedema and pain to see how many people have been told by doctors that lymphoedema isn't painful when for many people it clearly is exactly that.

Lymphoedema is still an under-researched condition and the fact that current medical advice states that a flu vaccine isn't harmful provided it's not given in the affected limb, doesn't mean there aren’t some ‘ outlier’ patients who, due to a particular constellation of variables, may react badly. I won't be having the flu vaccine again.

Snobie in reply to caroline111

Hello, it is not in your head. I had quite a swelling reaction in my Lymphedema leg after the vaccine that sent me to the emergency room. I’m never going to get one again. Of course there is a relationship between the two. That reaction is enough for me to know that I’m not getting anything that is going to send my body into an increased inflammatory state. Period.

caroline111 in reply to Snobie

Thanks, Snobie. It's helpful to know I'm not the only one. I can't quite understand the resistance to the idea that there may be a link. I'm not saying it's a common reaction - it obviously isn't - but the fact that two of us have experienced it shows that it can happen.

Stuart1 in reply to roysome

@roysome If you have lymphoedema then surely your comments are completely unwarrented and very ill informed on your part. My son has primary lymphoedema and has to be extremely careful as not to get infections in his leg.

I have exactly the same Lymphoedema as yourself and I’ve had the flu jab for many years and it’s never adversely affected me other than a bit of a sore arm for a while . I think the affect on your leg was probably something totally separate . It’s always good though to treat any sign of infection very quickly as it can often accelerate fast . It’s best to get medical advise as you may need to start a course of antibiotics to keep it controlled . Do you have an emergency supply of them that you can use in times of emergency . My gp provides them for me although it’s very rare that I’ve had to use them . It’s just nice knowing that you have the quick access to them if you become very ill which is what happened to me some years ago and I needed a weeks stay in hospital . Hope it’s resolved now .

caroline111 in reply to kHP22

Thanks for your reply. I still think it's too much of a coincidence to have such a drastic change in a condition which has been very stable for the last four years. All patients are individuals and, just like ordinary drugs which might have rare side-effects for a few people, I think I may have had a reaction which, while it may be unusual, was nevertheless caused by the jab.

Stuart1 in reply to caroline111

Get it seen by a doctor you may find its cellulitus. You will need a course of antibiotics. My son is on a permanent microdose prescribed by his lymphoedema nurse after he had three cases in as many months. Because it is a mega low dose that doesn't affect his immune system like normal level doses do.

Snobie in reply to kHP22

I had the same reaction as the poster. And I went to go see a physician a specialist after my reaction and he said yes it’s possible. Of course it’s possible. Because I had it myself. Until you go through it, things aren’t conjecture anymore they are reality. People with lymphedema should be very very careful when it comes to injecting anything that is going to cause an inflammatory process on there already queued for inflammatory process bodies. You can choose to follow this or you can choose to ignore it. I am amongst the group who has been through it and would FAR rather get the flu than go to the emergency room.

All drugs have rare side effects, and it could be the flu vaccine.... but I'm with Lynora here. I think it's probably a coincidence too! I have to manage the lymphedema in my legs with compression, and the last time I was admitted with an infection it was preceded with a couple of weeks of aches that I just ignored...

Go and see the doctor and get the infection ruled out.

(I've been writing a lot about lymphedema lately, but if you want to know the back story... knob.blog/penile-cancer-jou...)



Marjol80 in reply to JL__79

Fantastic blog🤗

JL__79 in reply to Marjol80

Thank you very much! Feel free to share it with anyone you think might like it. I'm on a fitness challenge now, seeing how fit I can get despite the damage to my legs so I'll be writing regularly.



Marjol80 in reply to JL__79

Thank you, wish you health. I will follow your blog x

Any opening of the skin can allow bacteria to enter into you. There is no cure for lymphedema but it can be controlled IF YOU GET TREATMENT by professionals trained in this treatment. Other medical personnel do not know the ins and outs of the physiology of L and how it works.

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