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Swollen leg

Has anyone been to the Lymphedema clinic in Halifax. l have been going to the McMillan unit there for a few years but when l have rung up for an appointment to day they are not there any longer. They have moved to St Johns Health centre ? don't know where that is. Mandy the nurse l see is really good but l don't know if she is there are not . I have been trying to ring but no answer.

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I wondered why I hadn't had a letter for my regular appointment - should have been in December. They are so helpful, I hope that we aren't going to lose the service.


just had a phone call from the clinic. The clinic in now shut in Halifax l have been told to go back to my doctor and get referred to a clinic in Bradford.


Thanks for letting me know - being this edge of the county I guess it will be Blackburn for me. That's a trek I am not looking forward to.


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