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It works me, maybe it will work for you

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I am also a lymphedema sufferer for 7 years now, it affects all my body, especially in my left hand and arm.

I tried and experimented many things over the 20 years. I had episodes of constipation, infections, migraines, kidney infections, thrush, Candida. I was using Laxatives and Antibiotics too often and i was really unhappy. I was wondering why God had decided to punish me like that. Nothing that I tried was working until a few months ago.

A friend of mine told me about this gel. It has completely improved my health and changed my mindset about life. I can eat whatever I want without thinking: “It is going to make me sick “.

Before you build some bad and negative thoughts about my approach, I just want to inform all the people I know, including the ones that are suffering and enduring the same pains as I did for so long. That simply gives me a personal satisfaction in my life.

Let me know , I can send u more information regarding it.

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why don't you just share with all of us the name of this gel? Could you please explain why you need email address or phone number? Is it something that you sell?

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Hi Bluedolphin - can I just clarify if you have any commercial interest in the gel you are promoting?

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Hi Bluedolphin - It is not appropriate or in the nature of this forum for members to be asked to divulge their emails/addresses. If people are able to access this gel independent of you please give them the relevant information to do so. If you are unable to do so then please shut down this thread.

Is it aloe Vera gel?

Yes. Let me know if u want more info

Please see the lsn response thanks

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I am really struggling to understand why the contact with you is necessary I repeat that this is a forum for sharing information so I reiterate we do not share emails or contact details as it is not possible to ensure the safety of those who do so - please either post the appropriate website where members can access information or I will remove the thread which would be a shame if you have found it so beneficial

Ok ok

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That is neither wise or safe bluedolffin that is why the forum is an anonymous one.

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LymphSuppNetworkAdministrator in reply to LymphSuppNetwork

To clarify Bluedolffin you say 'your' website please do not post the website if you have a commercial interest in it as that will contravene the forums rules. Thanks

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You can certainly put links to websites unless you are doing so for commercial reasons. No worries.

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I have lymphoedema in both lower legs which is compounded with lipoedema which is also in my thighs...I changed my lifestyle ...cut out cookies cakes chips candy chocolate for the most part and replaced those with lotsa fresh fruit and veg ..nuts.. seeds ..also cut down on meat intake.etc.. have been walking daily since November 2012..lost 35 kg.. dropped 5 sizes in clothes.I now have a treadmill which is awesome ..Next week I go for my 6 monthly review at the Lymphoedema Clinic...I can't wait!!!!

Hi big leg, I have been following this diet free from "whole grain slogan"for some time now. I totally agree. I stopped eating wheat and gluten in all their forms 3 months ago.

When you are referring to your leg, you are mentioning massaging it with aloe Vera oil externally but you are only taking care of the problem from an external point of view my dear. Have you ever tried internally: by drinking it?

If your weight has not increased is due to the fact that you are in control of your condition by doing all the things that you should be doing such as: eating healthy, exercising, avoiding stress are right. nobody has lymphedema for the same reason, I agree again. However, believe it or not, we were all genetically predisposed to have lymph nodes fragility and that is why we all end up lymphies in some different parts of our bodies.

If I follow your reasoning, aloe Vera would not have the same effects on different LO so how do u explain that aloe Vera is nowadays taken by lots of cancer sufferers.

A good friend of mine had breast cancer and suffer from LO on our right arm, and I am primary case with 20 years of bowel issues and we both are able to experience the same feeling of well being in drinking Aloe Vera??

With all respect and no offence , i would say big leg, give it a try internally before you come up with your pre made opinion. :-)

I have not claimed and am not pretending Aloe Vera gel is a magic wand and it is going to make your condition entirely disappear!! I am just saying for me it is giving me this sensation of well being, more energy in the morning and evening, a better absorbtion of food, stronger joints and also a positive attitude.

Read my headline on this thread again: it might be working for you too!

Please just share the name of the gel and we can all look into it.

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Hi king, it is aloe Vera gel but you will not find this gel in supermarkets nor health stores or chemist given that these ones are all processed at highly temperature which kills all the goodness. It is only possible to buy it from independents distributors I have the website which I will post on this blog in a few days.

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Thank you. i look forward to seeing it. Why do we have to wait a few days?

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Hi king, here you can find the aloe vera gel but don't order on this link, it is only for information. Let me know if you are interested I will provide more relevant information.

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Blue dolphin as discussed please refrain from asking people to contact you as this contravenes the rules of the forum - either post a way people can order directly or the thread will be deleted

To answer your questions big leg, let 's proceed in order:

first answer to your first question:

no, I don't really need to open a discussion on this topic, I have enough proofs for myself from what i have experienced that Aloe Vera is working. Once again and please read it carefully and several times: I am not pretending or claiming in any way that Aloe vera will heal your Lymphedema. Everybody is different, However, personally since i started, I have this sensation of well being invading my brain and every limb of my body. Iam not claiming it is going to be the same for you but you might give it a trial and experience it by yourself INTERNALLY and not only EXTERNALLY.

Secondly, answering to your second question: I certainly agree with you, i have only been gluten and wheat free for 3 months now but when you have been bloated and constipated for 5 days for 20 years suffering from some pains on your face, arm, and knee that it suddenly stops, you can be 100% sure that it is thanks to Aloe Vera and not the operation of the saint spirit.

I started with Aloe Vera at the worst moment of my life so I radically saw the change happening.

I am glad you had the chance to experience Aloe Vera from the leaf. I have all the range of Aloe Vera starting from the toothpaste to the aftershave for my husband or the conditioner for my hair.

I think you are right, it would be a great idea to find a way to develop a classification system of LE victims.

For now, My life has never been as great as right now for such a long time. Aloe vera enables me to forget my condition and focus on some things that are important.

It seems we have been trough similar situation actually big leg. In my case I had a skiing injury at 16 destroying the ACL from my left knee. The surgeon never told me it was genetic but I am pretty sure now and see it very clearly : I was predisposed to be lymphie given that 15 years later, my left arm started to swell which enabled me to make the connection.

I agree with you, we cannot be sure it is genetic but our two stories look alike, don't you think so?