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took charge of my health n im doing well !!!

hi,evr1 not been on for a while but i did say i started taking Glucosamine sulphate 15oomgs well im still taking them and still doing well i think its close on 4 week now and only took 1 painkiller in all this time i was fed up of feeling the way i was i was in so much pain iv had fibro about 12/13 years and never had much help in all these years only up the dose of what they give you. so next was the chronic fatigue that would leave in bed for days weeks . i have b12 injections every 3mth but always feel really bad about 4 weeks before its due again ie chest pains really dizzy breathless i really struggle with the stairs it takes the life out of me it really dose so last week i started taking B12 1000mg this time and it has helpt alot ive been whizzing round doing so much because i have so much more energy i really have i wished id have done all this long before now im sarting to feel like my old self GOD IV I MISSED HER !!! again cleaning my home proper!!!ME !!! so i thought i would tell you and i know what works for one doesn't for the other but it maybe give some of you a little bit of light at the end of tunnel and for those who have to go out work with this condition i hope it helps you too.iv always said to my 3 sons the medical world are missing something small or simple ie vitamins/Iron or something i remember feeling like this when i started with fibro cheast pains very breathlessness dizzy all the lack of Iron signs i had then so who knows would i have got better then if they had if they had cottend on to low iron levels and been told by a locum doc they think thers a link to help myself signs between fibro and anemia .well anyway i hope it helps some of you i will carry researching and if get the chance read the Gilberts syndrme he mentions fibro and B vitamins its to much to read it all just read bits love n hugs xxxxxxxxxx

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sorry messed up again should be locum doc said they think there is a link with fibro and anemia


Hi Chicme i no im going to sound silly here but are you saying that Glucosamine has changed your life for the better (sorry my fog is bad at the moment) im only taking Amatriptoline and co codamol as needed as im not a big pill popper but i would try anything to stop this horrible achey feeling (worst on lower back and thighs) Good to read someone is feeling better from Fibro WELL DONE YOU X


hi yes its stopped a lot of the i had i had it every where even my hips so well worth a try and also the B12 1000 is really helping me i cleaned for 6 hours yesday not been able to do 12/13 years .xxxxx


oops yes stopped a lot of the pain always missing words out x


So good to read of someone feeling better. I despetately miss my old self too. I was such an active person before this. Might try the B12 tablets. Do you get that high dose on prescription or can you buy it? I asked my GP about the injections before, but he didn't refer me for them. Have a friend who had a B12 injection for M E but he had a terrible reaction to it, skin rashes etc. Glad it is working for you chicme.


hi i bought them from the health shop they kick in right away within 20/30 min off taking them so see how you go mine cost £12.99 .every thing i did yesday i would be so ill but no feel great so something must be working .good luck let me know how you get on with them .xxx



So glad for you that you are feeling well I too have been taking

The same can't say that there is a lot of difference.

But taking magnesium has helped lots with restless legs, I have

Been Vit B for a long time as has my husband who has RA and it

Does seem to make a little difference not as tired

Some of the symptoms you have stated would be from anaemia,

so it's good that you have started Vit B

I hope you continue to improve.



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