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felt so well yesterday and some of today

I have not got a question realy just a pain in the bum, limp in

the left leg, pain in the groin, ache in the left arm and hand

pain in both knees.

aaaaaaar cant sleep, yesterday I felt better than I had felt for

a very long time just a little pain in my left knee which I could

deal with, today same went to work and only a small pain,

but this evening I cant keep still legs keep running a race

and I can not sleep how fast things changes.

So now I am sitting on my sofa listening to the nose that my

husband is making through the ceiling going to get a brush

soon and bang on the ceiling well I would if I could reach makes

me feel better thinking about it.

had a piece of cake and now have heart burn, now what dont


Dog think its fun and now wants to go out and play, now I have

a pain in the neck, as well as being a pain, my friend told me today

that people with fibro had tired itis she does not know I have fibro

well maybe I have but I have hurt itis as well.

every thing goes through your head, am I over tired, did I do to much

today is it the weather, have I eaten some thing that has started it up

am I stressed, no I am not, am I depressed no I am not, so what have

I done,

Well I am a prison Nurse and I did shout at a horrid man today so I

maybe have got stressed,

Anyway going to read things on hear to night in the hope that the

sleeping tablet and the tamadol work sooner or later.

And I would very much like to thank every one for your company

as without you all my fibro friends who keep me sane how would

I manage.

I am now going to have another piece of cake

love hugs to all viv

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Hi Viv, I hope you eventually managed to get some sleep, maybe it was a mixture of a lot of things, heat etc.

Hugs x x x x


Hi vivien,

I was a nurse too, but not in a prison, that must be a stressful job and can't help your fibro at all.

Sounds like you had quite a day and I know how wearing the racing muscles can be, it's caused be your neuro-transmitters saying go and then either them not saying stop or the neuro-receptors not picking up the message.

That was a great blog, have you seen the blog section? It's as good as the question section and often full of things to lift your spirits when you need that.

Happy hugs,kate :)


thank you both for your answers no sleep today try again tonight or

more cake and then feeling fat still cant win it all


thank you I have not read the blog section going there now


Hi Viv, I just hate nights like that!!! It was like reading my own nights not so long ago!

I don't know what sleeping tablets you're on, but I have recently had mine changed to Nortriptiline from Amitriptyline. Since the change-over I've slept better and been more productive during the day.

May be worth considering?

Hope it helps. Take care of you xxxxx


Hi Jane

Thanks for your reply I am on zopiclone, was on amitriptyline

but I am on cymbolta as well and the two dont go together

nortriptiline is very much like amitriptyline and yes I have

tried nortriptiline but the problem is that you soon get used

to it like most things and you either have to have them increased

or go on some thing else

I can take proper sleeping tablets and some times they

are good and some times they dont work at all, just one

of those things with fibro I think

Thank you I might try nortriptiline again not sure if I can with

cymbata might make my hair fall out or something, so check

I will have a read up first.

Hope you are keeping well and not to much pain.



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