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just saying hi and a couple of health tips bit of moaning


sorry peeps not been on for a while been really suffering with my stomach with bowel blockages been in hospital not had no meat veg spuds cheese or fruit an a lot of other stuff for weeks .mmmmmmmm clear soup n toast ive been on for weeks. was doing well trying eat more getting healthy no point when i end up like this the docs tell me i need to eat a lot of fiber but its bad for me im still going loo but not had pains all over like this just want the bloody docs to listen there advice is wrong was eating really well and just end up like this. im sooooooooo missing a nice salad n pork chops oh n egg n bacon but at the same time feel so full anyway that's enough of that crap haha pardon the pun ,the tips are a banana for migraines i read it a while on the net not sure if other fruit works but ive tried it before all this with me stomach and it worked brilliant within about 20mins of eating it.it cleared my migraine no lie ?i dont get migraines alot thank god but i just cant focus with the zigzags and then the pain so i hope this helps someone else too. and the next tip i read the other day not tried it cos im ok with that at the mo ascid reflux i mean apples not sure if apple juice would work the same but i read someone that had it for years and really bad same as the migraines they found these to be a cure so hope this helps someone else i dont come on here often but when i do i dont half go on dont i ???????? i save it all up but i am thinking about food at the mo so hence why im on here to take my mind off it love n hugs xxxxxxxxxx

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plus i always make mistakes Acid reflux that should read and someone that had had these two conditions for years found these two things helped alot hope you understand the rest xxxxxxxxx

Hi here is another very interesting conclusion about headaches Water people that suffer with migraines and headaches are dehydrated Drinking lots of water throughout the day keeps you hydrated The brain needs fluid Not Fizzy Pop Not Caffeine that dehydrates BUT WATER . This is a known fact so instead of treating it afterwards try not to get them in the first place . When a headache starts reach for getting hydrated again Hope this helps

That's definitely true, Voutton.

Constipation is also much improved by an adequate fluid intake plus some fibre.

If you eat fibre with too little water, it can make the constipation worse!

Moffy x


Water and bananas are two wonderful things I have a banana every day... No more leg cramp for me and if I get a head ache I immediately check back on my fluid intake for the day

VG x


hope you get your tummy problems sorted soon.

it's good to hear bananas help your migraines. I am a banana addict but still get horrible migraines. I don't drink enough water though so I shall try upping that and see what . Might help with the leg cramps too.



Water will help single system in your body it is very much underrated xx

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