now my arms hurting im fed up

i cant seem to get right 1st my bowels then had really bad lower back bum & legs pains pain with my neck which shown wear & tear last year on xray the chronic tiredness but now im finding my arms are really hurting to cut food up on my plate & slice bread im really struggling its taking so much effort come back my old body alls forgiven sorry feeling sorry for myself think its allowed isn't it ????xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi, of course its allowed to feel sorry for yourself, its yu who's living with it so its your right to feel this way. Do you take any meds? The reason i'm asking is i was like you some days i couldnt even cut my food up, brush my hair, hold my phone up to my ear for longer than 2 mins without having to change arms, then i started with my hands feeling like they had been trapped in a car door... Thats the only way i could explain it to my doc... Then they gave me Gabbapentin 300mg!!! first 300mg twice daily, then 3 times daily. They were a god send... I couldnt begin to tell you the difference they made.


  • hi im on co-coamol 500 an Armtriptyline night & day but not helping xxx

  • im sure there must be better meds to take was told by doc last year these was the strongest painkiller never been afford those your on may go back to see him an mention these xx

  • Here is information on the treatment of Fibro:

    You may also find these articles on Becoming an Expert Patient helpful.

  • thank u i will read this later x

  • sorry it's rough at the moment hun, feeling sorry for yourself is allowed, but it's more like telling how it is and feeling upset and fed up about it.

    it's hard to accept that we have a right to be upset and that it's for something we do not deserve,

    it's very unfair and at times is unrelenting.

    we somehow adapt and share & learn on here. there will be better days and things can ease and it's these days that help me through the bad days - but I still find them hard to deal with.

    sending you a hug (( :) ))


  • aww thank you i know ave to wait for the goods days to roll they just dont roll long enuff oops forgot how to spell it xx

  • Amatriptaline. Is a very weird med from what I have read on the board it seems roughly 50/50 whether it works for you.. I have tried it.. It relieved my red swollen fingers in the morning but for pain was as good as a chocolate teapot. It made me sleepy all day and wide awake at night.. Pease go back to your GP there are loads of different meds out there it's just trial and error till you find the right sort... My night meds are perfect, my day meds not so good I am still trying all sorts to get sorted with those

    Good luck

    VG x

  • hi its more for the depression and sleep than for the pain they help for that reason but not the pain thanks for your help xx

  • I wish my doctor would sort my meds out, i'm still taking over 100 tablets a week, yes a week, plus a morphine patch. Every time i go back and ask about this all he does is increase one of them, surely there is less tablets i can take that will be much more effective than what im on!!!!!!!!!. The 100 im on are doin nothing :-( im that depressed with it all, i really dont no why i bother. Sorry Fibro mates. sending soft hugs xx

  • Have you tried asking for a referral to a pain management clinic or a Fibro specialist?

  • hi no because i asked last year is there anything to help with the pain just there is nothing other than what im taking xx

  • hi,that's a lot of tabs yur on i don't think they care enough to sort us out proper its like being a leaper having fibro just wish they believed more its cr-p xx

  • There are both stronger pain killers and different medicines to help minimize the symptoms.

    In my experience as a patient those are both excellent first line treatments for your condition, however they are clearly not sufficient if you are experience pain this severe. It sounds to me as the doctor is fobbing you off somewhat. If he outright said "these are the strongest painkillers" he or she is outright lying to you. There ARE dozens of different painkillers ranging in dosage strengths suitable to move to from co-codamol 30/500's (the strength I assume you are on). It is worth discussing morphine sulfate 10mg tablets to your doctor, or oxycodone 5mg tablets to your doctor. Other medicines worth discussing because they have been found to minimise pain are lyrica and gabapentin.

    I think the best option is to be refered to a pain management clinic as soon as possible, as these professionals will have much better training, knowledge, and experiencing in relieving the symptoms than your GP.

  • hi,thanks for advice im going to go docs next week an demand something better trouble is with me i suffer in silence a lot of the time because of being told there is nothing they can do so im prob bit of a fool for just taking as said x

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