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Fibromyalgia vs menopause

Well its been a very long time since i have been here, so much has been happening, most of it not good, im now battling with fibro and menopause, its crazy, feeling ill, sweating with menopause i go bright red, then the cold clammy sweats with the fibro, headaches, confusion aches, pains and flu symptoms, really getting me down, i feel i have no control over my body at all even my IBS. I look such a mess, ive gained weight and when my face, neck and chest go red i look like a fat boozer, just so fed up with it all.!!!!!!!

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Hi Mandy sorry to hear u are feeling miserable, I can relate to all u have said except the menopause, I've been there but am now 72 yrs and have had fibro and spondylosis of the lumber spine and for over 50yrs. Fibro is a miserable debilitating illness, that's without any other illness accompanying it, I also have Barratts Osophegus and asthma, but it's the fibro that is getting me down, I have also put a stone on in weight since I have had to up my gabapentin I also take tramadol and serttraline and I think a lot of meds make u put on weight, but what's the alternative. I have tried many alternatives but have always had to come back to the meds, as u probably know this is a brilliant site and we do listen, we are all here for you come rant and rave to get as much out of your system as u can, I do hope unhave a better day tomorrow, sending gentle hugs to you......Dee xx


thankyou cookie 72 as silly as this sounds and is. I decided not to get dressed today, as i feel thats the only decision i can make for myself, i understanf about the meds, im on nefopam, tramadol and amityriptilene. I hope you feel a little improvement to xxx


That sounds miserable for you, Mandy.

Your doctor can almost certainly give you something to help with the hot flushes, but if you are concerned with overweight and IBS, you can treat these yourself.

If you start either Weight Watchers or Slimming World, you will soon lose weight, and the healthy eating plan should go a long way to improving your IBS. When you are a little lighter, you won't get so hot either.

Personally, I always recommend Slimming World, as it worked very well for me, and is easier and less expensive than Weight Watchers - but you pays your money and you takes your choice, as they say

One word of warning - both these eating plans are very healthy and wholesome, but often recommend the use of aspartame and sucralose for sweetening. Most of us fibromites find that sweeteners increase our pain, so I would avoid them. I have recently been using a stevia-based sweetener, and so far I can report no ill-effects. It is a natural plant extract so is probably OK for us!

I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable, but take control and make a few small changes. You will soon start to feel a little better, and once you feel in charge of yourself again, your fibro will be easier to manage.

Please feel free to message me if you want any further help.

Best wishes,

Moffy x


Thankyou moffy, yes im going to have to make some changes, i have actually been trying to lose weight, but its the excersise thats the problem, the weathers turning hotter i shouldn't complain, but the heat makes my muscles feel like there being squeezed, the brain fog is getting me down as i used to have a fantastic memory, but in the last year this has become worse and gets me down xxxx


You will loose weight if you just cut out sugar. That means you are immediately eating a healthy diet. For the menopause I found phytosoya products helpful. Another suggestion is a fan at the bottom of the bed with a bowl of cold water in front of it for nighttime flushes. Also you may find that alcohol makes them worse. One glass of wine and I could provide heating for the whole of England. Red was worse than white! That's all over now and it's great on the other side. No mood swings. No periods. Just wise old me!


hi mandy 48 i keep ice and water by me at night that keeps me cooler,and a good protein breakfast which helps me with fibro fog in the day and try soya or almond milk great for hot flushes,hope that helps pinkribbons



I used to keep a small spray made up with water and lavender essential oil for waking in the night. I would spray myself all over and lay there while I cooled down. A fan was esssential!!! Alcohol does agravate the menopause and any meds so yes, you can heat England, sweat buckets etc. Most antidepressants will make you put on weight, but there are some like Prozac that wont, worth asking your doctor. I always think our meds are like the pill, what suits one doesnt suit another, I think I must have tried about 10 or so over the years, in the end I came off of them, got Hydroxyzine to help calm me down and help me sleep. Consultant didn't like it, but I didnt feel like a zombie anymore and told her so. Back to menopause, I also used to keep a basin with water in by the bed so as I could dip my feet in to cool them down, I find this is good for my restless legs, its the shock of the cold water against your skin, instantly cools you down, probably didnt do my arthritis any good but hey you cant have eveerything. I couldnt take HRT cos of family history of heart attacks, strokes etc and am classed high risk. So I just had to grit my teeth and go through it, but you know I came out the other side and I'm still here, with a little middle age spread. One of my staff (when i was working) said to me 'oh you'll sail through the change, you are always positive' and I have to say 50% is in the mind. Just tell yourself, it wont go on forever, there are little things that can help as people on here have already suggested, just keep telling yourself there is a better life on the other side of the change which most of us have already said.


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