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Hi i am new into this. Been suffering with pain since april this year. Drs thought vit D Low i been taking enough vitamins b12 iron osteocares etc. But pain doesnt go. Now it has started depressing me im unable to sleep and get up many times. During the day im tired and simple houseworks are challenges. Please any one can help is this really fibromyalgia? Oh god. Drs refferal taking ages.

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Welcome to the forum Shiv we know it is a frightening time when we are waiting for a diagnosis. Often people with fibro are shirt of Vitamin D and some minerals such as magnesium. If there is a deficiency your GP can often prescribe the supplements at a stronger level than you can buy over the counter and it often helps but unfortunately doesn't cure.

Have you had a chance to look at our mother site Fibromyalgia Action UK as there is a list of the symptoms which are myriad and the treatments which are drug related but also complementary such as acupuncture.

Sometimes people will be given a low dose antidepressant to help with sleep and often lower back pain and something like Pregablin or Gabetin to help with pain if the simpler pain killers don't work.

If you have any specific questions please don't be afraid to ask as there is usually someone who will come along and try to help. Look forward to your future posts.x

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Hey rosewine, many thanks for your reply. Yes i did took good few months vit d and b12 iron osteocare et. Did the blood tests agajn and all reports came up nonmal. I wish if there was a specific test and cure for this fibro. Take care


Hi shiv12345

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I also sincerely hope that your referral comes through soon.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



True. Many thanks ken

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Hi... I'm new to this too. I was diagnosed with fibro back in 2013 I believe. The doctors did test after test to rule out anything that could explain why I was having migraines and migrating pain. It would primarily effect my legs. They would ache so badly, almost always in the evening time. Sometimes it would efect my arms and they would ache horribly, along with tight muscles that would spasm all the time..So after about a year, trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I got a diagnosis. I too am Vit D deficient. Even though I had a diagnosis, I was still told it was primarily in my head. Likely caused by emotional trauma. Make sure the doctors test you up and down to make sure there isn't another explanation that is treatable. Like rheumatoid arthritis or PMR (polimyalgia rheumatica), lupus, or ebstien bar virus. Only then can they give you the fibro diagnosis. At least, in the US. Ok, so if this is caused by emotional trauma. How the heck can I rid myself of this physical, very real pain? Narcotics are a no.... already tried that route. Got hooked, still in treatment for that....... hmmmm. I see a psychiatrist weekly. I have been fired 3 x this year. Ablations of the medial branch nerves .......from c2-5 & L4-s1. Only partially effective & not permanent. What else is there? SNRI? On it. I did stop eating or drinking anything with aspartame in it. I also limit MSG as much as possible.

To everyone: I hope you start feeling better. Stay away from artificial sugars.... especially aspartame. That made a huge difference! Much love and empathy. I feel you... stay positive. Just keep putting one foot in front of another! It will get better soon!


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