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Spasum pain just to much to bare

Hello everyone.

I hope that someone is able to help or at least let me know if a common symtom. I am 44 and have had fibro for 11 yrs. In the last 6 months ive been having extremely painful spasums. It feels like im hit in the lower back with a mallet and shooting pain like electric shock goes all through my body ending with a massive pain in my head. My body actually jolts and has a mind of its own as tge pain goes through my body, im wide awake and get it wgen sitting or laying down. Its so bad it actually makes me scream out and im not that type of person to do that. As time goes on the pain and jolts sre getting worse, i hate going drs as i always seem to be there. Pleasr if anyone can give advice i would be so grateful. Thank you x

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I have had similor pains in the past that were diagnosed as muscular spasms. please go to your doctor and explain it to them. If it is muscular spasms you may be given muscle relaxants to ease the pain. either way it needs checking out. Hugs sue xx


HUgs. I get the same but find using my TENS machine helps control them. I would go to your GP and ask for some help. There are muscle relaxants available and possibly physiotherapy might help.




Hi vampy1970

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these horrid spams, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for? I am really sorry but this is a case of discussing it with your GP I'm afraid to say. if you are not too happy with seeing your GP again so quickly, you could always go to your nearest walk-in centre and explain to them the issues you are suffering with? As these spasms could be caused by so many different things.

I was just having a look on the NHS Choices website for you, and most muscle spasm issues they have listed are as a result of medication side effects. So it may well be worth reading your side effects listings on your medication prior to seeing your doctor?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi there, sorry to here about your pain, just wondered if you have had vitamin d levels checked,. Mine were very low and i was prescribed supplements, since then spasms and leg jerking sre much less. Agree with everyone else though you will neefd to see doc about this, best wishes

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Good morrning everyone,thank you so much for your help and advice. I will make a drs appointment and see what he says. hugs xx


Sounds like you may have ruptured disk's in your back. I have that and fibro. I feel your pain sweetheart. You need an MRI to confirm it. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi


Try a muscle relaxant such as baclofen.

Alternative look for a Bowen therapist.


Does sounds like you may have ruptured disk's in your back.


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