fibro-not fibro-fibro??? dizzy now!

why is it that wen u move area and change drs the start telling u its not fibro, changing meds, making me worse, the deciding it is fibro and slowly start taking more care with the meds???

I have been hving such a bad time over the last yer im losing control of my body, getting pain and loss of mobility in more sreas. GP's don't seem to listen and often dismiss it as drug seeking behaviour, I actually wrote a letter to my gp practice stating as much.

I am slowly getting more support but I have had to nearly die nd hve a breakdown to get any help, its wrong!!! I hope now I cn see if my other O probs are any worse and im seeing a nureologist about tics and tremors, wish me luck as im really feeling down in the dumps right now xx tinker

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  • Hi Tinkerfae, sounds like you have had a really bad time recently. I am so sorry moving took you down this path. I hope your stress levels have now become more level and whish lots of luck when you see the nurelogist. Keep your head up and though it sounds hard be positive . Love and hugs xgins

  • So very sorry to hear that you have been through such an awful time. Hoping you start to get the help you so badly need. Saskia Hugs XX

  • Hi tinkerfae, if you still have probs with our GP further down the line the UK Fibromyalgia magazine has lists of Fibro friendly GPs that they know of. Maybe this site should do the same. You do not deserve to be treated like this. I truly hope that you find the help you so desperately need. Good on you for writing to ur GPs practice. If we all did that more then they wouldn't be able to get away with such bad behaviour \service. I wish I had done the same, I jus tried a different GP within practice. Let us know how u get on. HUGE HUGS xx

  • Hi LaurieLee, I see you have mentioned UK Fibromyalgia magazine. Where is it available from please? Not heard of it before and would love to see it. thanks.

  • This site does and we are always asking for people to email Emma at with the name of a good GP or consultant , the address and a brief description and then we add it to our list of GPS and consultants and the area they are in hope that helps

    VG x

  • Thanks for that GP, didn't know.

  • Meant VG not GP. Gotta laugh, fibro fog.:-)

  • Hang on in there, I know it's hard. You are allowed to see other doctors in the same practice for a second opinion. Glad you wrote and told them how you felt though, they probably don't read ALL a patient's notes before they see them, let alone of a new patient! Best of luck x

  • I think.

  • Sorry, u have to pay, but downloading is cheaper. I tried one issue, then yearly. Good luck.

  • Hope you have some luck soon x

  • Hi, I've just been to view a flat to be nearer my daughter, but I had an anxiety attack thinking about all the upheaval, changing GP surgery etc. So I've weight up all the pros and cons and have decided to stay put cos my GP understands fibro. So sorry you have had such a bad time and you shouldn't be treated that way. See if you can find a GP that is fibro-friendly. Good luck with neurologist and lots of hugs (gentle ones). Sheilaxx

  • I meant to say weighed lol.

  • Hii how terrible for you. It is difficult I know but you have to keep going no matter what. I would go the doctors every week until he or she gets the message. My GP had not got a clue about fibro when I first went as you a transfer patient. I told her about it and now we are great and actually have a good relationship. I try not to go very often now as I dont want to be a nuisance but she is great. Just a thought ask to go to the Pain Clinic they are great and dont mess about with meds. Straight onto the hard stuff. Hope your day is not too bad.

    Good luck and take care.

    Bye for now love A xxxx

  • Hi, sorry to hear about the problems, my thoughts are with you & hope you get it sorted. Sending you hugs.

  • love you hope you get help that you need love chrisxx

  • thank u everyone, I think it is going to be pain clinic agin, my calendar already has 4 hosp appointments in a few weeks might s well get it all sorted once n for all!! much love 2 u all,xx I will have a look t the magazine thanx

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