Hi Everyone, just a short note... At the moment I am in my 10th month seizure free... After 40 years with epilepsy, it is great to have just a few months relief from tonic clonic seizures... Decent sleep, less stress and perhaps more vitamins is helping the mind and body slow down... Should you need someone to talk to, please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@lesleydonnelly1) or friend me on Facebook (! It would be great if you VISITED, LIKED & SHARED my page too:

My heart goes out to you all!

Keep up the strength and remember, live for today... Tomorrow is still to come!

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  • Really great news lesmal! Long may it continue.


    Advice and information Team

  • Thank you, Cherry! Still going strong!

  • Hi Cherry, Blew my 10 month record! Had a major tonic clonic (30 mins) on Thursday last week! Recuperating and trying to gain my strength back! Not to worry, the count is on yet again! This seizure hit me from an energy point of view! Take care and thank you! Les

  • Oh Lesmal I am sorry to hear that. What a blow. Hope the recuperation doesn't take too long.


    Advise and Information Team

  • Hi Cherry, had 12 days free... Still drained but getting the strength back to carry on as normal. Going slow for the time being but obviously forgot the impact the seizures had on my body! Thank you for well wishes... Will keep you posted!

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