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Free prescriptions

If you you have epilepsy and take epilepsy medicines, you are entitled to free prescriptions. This is for all your prescription medicines, not just your epilepsy medicines.

To claim free prescriptions, ask your GP or hospital doctor for application form FP92A. You need to fill in parts 1 and 2. Your hospital doctor, GP or a member of staff at your GP surgery will sign to confirm that the information you have given is correct. They will then send for an exemption certificate for you.

Reclaiming prescription costs

Until you have your exemption certificate, you will have to pay for your prescriptions. You will be able to claim the money back, once you have your exemption certificate. To do this, ask the pharmacist for a receipt form FP57 when you pay for the prescription. There is information on FP57 that tells you how to claim the money back.

For more information about prescription charges contact NHS Choices

Tel: 0845 850 1166