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My HBA1C tested 5.8 today- for the first time in 10 years.

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A month back I had posted my Lipid profile & my blood sugar levels. Links below:

Today , I tested my HBA1c level...This is the first time that my HBA1C level has come down below 6...

During last 10 years , I must have tried out several dietary changes including LCHF diet...which did very little to my Health , in fact it got only worsened....

Finally, it appears to me that Low Fat Whole Plant Based Food (LFWPBF) came to my can neither be called a Vegetarian Diet nor a Vegan Diet..A vegetarian can take milk , cheese and egg sometimes, but not meat, fish.... A Vegan is a vegetarian who does not consume milk & Dairy. But Both Vegetarian and Vegan may be able to consume all kind of processed food such as Veg burger, Veg Pizza, Bread sandwich, noddles, white polished rice, all vegetable oil/ Fat Nuts, ....and so on...

As the name indicates LFWPBF is a whole plant based food...please refer( Green/ Yellow/ Red) food list as per Cyrus Khambatta's book - mastering diabetes. Link below.

So the LFWPBF is one with :

# Zero oil/ Zero Animal Fat

# Zero processed food

# Zero Meat/ Fish/ Egg

# Zero Dairy products ( Dairy contains both animal fat and protein )

What motivated me to adopt this food ? When I found it is helping me, I started doing more research, visited Facebook page of mastering diabetes...where a lot of practitioners are posting their results with LFWPBF where I got links of different other authors who have done a lot of similar research work on the subject...though there may be little variation among different author...

My take from all the researchers/authors is that Diabetes in order to bring their blood sugar in to control , they tend to eat more Fat or Protein from meat, dairy, eggs.. Excessive fat not only clogs the Insulin receptors in muscle cells worsening the insulin resistance. Excessive fat also worsens the lipid profile which are risk factors for Cardio vascular/ Heart.

Similarly, high Animal protein diet creates a lot of nitrogenous waste which needs to be cleared by kidney kidney is under pressure. According to these researchers high Animal protein also worsens insulin resistance.

Therefore, Diabetes in general land up in a vicious circle of Insulin Resistance in spite of blood sugar control in the short term. The long term complications of Insulin Resistance Heart /CV risk, Atherosclerosis, Kidney failure, Neuro pathy, Retinopathy and many others.

LFWPBF helps all kind of diabetes irrespective of his Diabetic status in enhancing insulin sensitivity. If someone is having C-Peptide level more than 1.5...overweight / obese then what I find the success rate is extremely high with sustainable weight loss ..

LFWPBF is a Diet which naturally lowers BP, Normalizes Lipid profile, Kidney function, Lowers hsCRP (inflammation) without any statin or BP medicines. If your heart, kidney and overall body functions normally, your diabetes comes under control. Diabetes rarely check hsCRP which is a biomarker for heart disease and high hsCRP could lead to damage our Body organs gradually. (My hsCRP went up to more than 3 when i was on LCHF and now that i practice LFWPF, it is so low that the lab can not measure. it says it is less than 0.1). My BP never exceeds 110/70 and I take no drugs for BP or cholesterol...

However for people with low C-peptide level/ insulin levels (but not taking Insulin) one needs to be cautious while choosing from the green light food list (choose the ones with low glycemic index and watch portion size to prevent spike). Even type 1' s are getting benefitted by reducing exogenous insulin by half as I could see among the practitioners in facebook page of mastering diabetes . It seems a magic...but as per the author it is not...Ultra low fat diet enhance insulin sensitivity to such an extent that one reduces the insulin doses as per the author Cyrus khambatta. Type 1's initially need to be under guidance. Mastering diabetes runs various programs to suit everyone- one is a paid program, the other is a DIY and there is also a (free ) facebook mastering diabetes program where members post their queries and other members guide or Cyrus and team give free guidance. While going through the facebook page of ( free) mastering diabetes, I find most type 1"s are having CGM/Dexcom/Libra. So they are able to monitor their conditions better and members post their results and raise their query or tell their success stories. Most of the T1's are able to reduce their Insulin units by 50%.

Please Watch the video of Dr Michael Greger ( last but one ) .

Are you a Type 2 Diabete with excessive insulin or you are Insulin deficient? Why does Diabetes makes some one to gain weight and some others to lose weight???? This is very important. You must know what type diabetes you have... Watch the last video in the series of videos that I am going to attach with this post.

Why LFWPBF is considered healthy ? Why this Diet is helping not only diabetes to reverse insulin resistance, but even to reverse Cancer and several other diseases. It normalizes Lipid profile and Blood pressure and lessens load on kidney. LFWPBF has all the macro nutrients & micro nutrients to achieve overall health. Along with LFWPBF, physical exercise post meal, moderate amount of Intermediate fasting say 14-16 hours - evening to morning can do wonders to your all round health. Yoga & Meditation helps further,

Listen to these researchers on the subject - hear from the horse's mouth- watch the video's towards the end of this post.

(1) Cyrus Khambatta & Robby Barbaro, MD. PH.D , Author of the NY times best seller book "mastering diabetes" . Both of the authors living with Type 1 since childhood.

You may please read all the blog's written by the authors ....

(2) Dr Caldwell Esselstyn is a physician - Cardiology well known for his book " Reverse & Prevent Heart Disease' by food & Nutrition. He has his own clinic to treat his patient only by Food Nutrition. His work was advocated by the then USA president Bill Clinton..He is very strict about his principles of eating..He is well known for reversing & preventing Heart Disease. In case anybody questions him , he always gives his exemplary research work on Lifestyle and food habits of Tarahumara Indians living in Northern Mexico who don't have a single heart disease Link given below..

Needless to say that Heart risk is the single most diabetic silently damages the arteries...and at times it becomes too late for us to understand that our Arteries are getting inflamed & damaged...

(3) Dr Joel Fuhrman , MD, Board certified physician is also a celebrity Doctor , 6 times Nytimes best seller Author is well known for his Nutritarian diet G-BOMBS ( Greens , Beans , Onion , mushroom , Berries & Seeds). He emphasizes on "Nutrient Dense & Calories Sparse" Diet.

(4) Professor T. Colin Campbell, MD, PH.D the Author of the NY times best seller book "The China study" published in 50 foreign languages. It is based upon 20 years research work on Rural Chinese life style and eating habits organized jointly by Cornell University, the University of Oxford, and the government of China.

There is also a documentary on the China study link attached.

(5) John Mc Dougall, MD.

(6) Neal Barnard , MD

(7) Dr Michael Greger

Disclaimer : The above post is only for General information and education purpose. It can not be a substitute for medical advice from a specialist. Health conditions may vary from person to Person . Please consult your Doctor before you make any changes in any medication, diet, lifestyle .

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namaha,Congratulations in bringing yourHbA1c down.

Please make sure you do a Vitamin D, Calcium tests as well as you are completely avoiding dairy products.


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namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

Thanks.(1) Vitamin D is from sunlight. Sunlight gives ample vitamin D.. In fact dietary sources are very poor in vitamin D. I had done a vitamin D after 3 months LFWPBF. Link below...

However , I had inserted an elaborative post few months back on Vitamin D. You may like to go through the same .

(2) Calcium : New Research indicates Leafy Greens & Legumes are a much better source than dairy. Dairy calcium does not get absorbed well.

And people with osteopenia & osteoporosis are those who rarely take leafy veg & legumes and those who depend upon dairy a lot. Please go through the video's and do your own research ...these authors have covered this aspect also.

For your information, blood Calcium is not the measure of Calcium deficiency . my blood Calcium is normal always and it would be normal for every one irrespective of his food habits.

Why ?

Because , if there is low blood Calcium, Your Body will draw calcium from your bones and teeth and without your knowledge. So your blood Calcium will always be normal in most people.

And calcium leaching from bones could happen if there is an acid load created in blood due to heavy amino acid components such as Methionine & Cystene ( Sulphur containing amino acids) which is excessively found in Animal Protein..

The only way to test is to test your BMD through Dexa score which everyone should do at least once a year.

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barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Thanks for the clarification and sharing useful information yet again. You're just awesome namaha.

My Vit D level reduces even though I expose myself in the morning sunlight say around 8.30-9.45 AM during my walk. I'm forced to take Vit D supplement.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

Dear Barani...You need to expose your body from 11 AM to 1 PM when you get ultraviolet rays of sun...

Morning sunlight is plenty in Infra Red which is good for the body but not a source of calcium...

As a standard process, always watch your shadow....your shadow length should be less than your body height. That is the right time...

Anyway, I will hunt out the post for you. .

This article came Yesterday which I liked.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to namaha

Dear Barani You may please go through this thread for vitamin D and supplements. It is exhaustive..

If you still require D supplements , you may have some issues with skin pigments which is rare...but it is ok to have supplements

barani19 profile image
barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Thanks for the sharing the information namaha. I have pasted link of a news paper article which says traffic policemen in bangalore who stand all day on the road are Vit D deficient.

Can I have your comments on this one please?

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namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

Different medical professionals in the article have given different contradictory views ...clearly indicate they are all confused ...they speak without any scientific data.

It is possible that the traffic police spend whole day under sun light and they become Tan and develop skin pigment called Melanine which protect them from ultraviolet rays of Sun.....this is nature protection or else they can have skin cancer due to exposure to day long harmful ultraviolet rays. That is why people use sunscreen lotion if they need to be under Sun for more time.

At the same time, skin pigment Melanine also becomes an obstacle for absorbing UV rays for producing vitamin D...

Recommended sun light exposure is only 15-30 mnts a day.... During noon....every alternate day...

So To cut long story short, such people under day long sun exposure will continue to have Vit d deficiency diet can provide 2000 to 3000 units per day ..

The only solution is Supplement ..

There are many articles / research papers in the net...on the subject...rely only on scientfic research papers well qualified researchers on the subject

However, I recommend you to read the book article authored by Michael F Holicks, MD, Ph.D , an Endochrinologist by profession..who has spent his life in researching vitamin d.....

namaha profile image
namahaAdministrator in reply to namaha

Dear Barani You will understand what is Melanine and Tan. Read this article below

So UV rays of sunlight is a double edged sword..

While UV rays of noon could help our skin to produce vit D..... but in excess can cause damages....And so nature has given us skin pigment which will change its structure to protect us from skin cancer...

In that case your skin pigment can no longer absorb UV rays. So vit d deficiency.

Unfortunately all medical professional are not trained in Nutrition.

Watch Professor T. Colin Campbell M.D. PhD video in my post..

He says in USA , there are 200 medical institute which create Doctors - but there is not a single institute which teaches nutrition. .

They are all trained in diagnosis, physiology, medical treatment /medicine prescription / surgery...

Same thing true for the whole world.

Therefore , it is essential for all of us to read and understand Nutrition.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to namaha

Dear Barani Please get guided !

wow, that's impressive. can you share your diet chart? breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to karan79

Dear Karan May I request you to read my previous posts...

You will get to know what I eat.....🙂

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DRH-sangliStar in reply to namaha

Excellent information @ Namaha.. Keep up.

Each one has different body and its response to different kind of food is also different.Your body is responding to LFWPBF.. but it is not necessary that everyone will respond same way for LFWPBF..In fact I am keeping A1c at about 6.0 for whole 5 years, by mixed diets. I have not barred any food item.Everything in moderation but have controlled carb intake to about 100 gm daily.Rest ,I am taking, all veg, non veg, all milk products etc by limiting quantities.All other parameters including lipids, vit d3,vit B, hsCRP, MicroAlb, creatinine etc are well within limits.

I think, body response to food choices is different for individual and one has to find out which one suits his body.

But Diabetics must control carbs and maintain A1c.

namaha profile image
namahaAdministrator in reply to DRH-sangli

Agree . That is why I have given a disclaimer ..that every body is different... I have said what I followed and what I got.. not necessary that you should follow me.. I have posted for information , learning and sharing. 🙂

I may be taking 400 gm carbs per day from LFWPBF...though I don't count any carbs or any other macro or micro nutrients.. ..with minimal medication I posted all my lab parameters .......

and with any other dietary pattern food stuff that I had tried in the past including LCHF my health conditions worsened .

Good if your food helps you in keeping your health parameters in good condition. May God bless you..🙏

For the sake of benefits of others and as a part of learning and sharing, we should post the lab results and what all medications taken to achieve that , also other parameters such as BMI, lipids, KFT , BP will be helpful to others in their understanding.

namaha profile image
namahaAdministrator in reply to namaha

Dear Sangli Have you ever evaluated and measured (1) Your IR-Insulin Resistance status and (2) Beta cell status?? These two parameters are critical & of progressive in nature.

Please Stay Safe & Stay Healthy !

Today your HbA1c is with in limits, has taken 10 years to bring it to this level.

Good news.

The big question is what damage if any has happened to your body?

What do you need to do to undo the damage if any.?

Can you keep your HbA1c at this level for a very long time?

Take care.

namaha profile image

Dear Sandy I don't know really....

As of today, if I have to believe the lab reports related to all organs, it appears normal..

I don't have any visible complaints eye, leg,. that I can make out...

I comply to 6 out of 7 parameters of insulin resistance and I also measured my IR by the established formulae and it is found to be 0.4.

only time will say the extent of internal damage if at all any happened during last 10 years...

And also whether I can sustain the HBA1c level in future is something I need to work upon...

Thank you

May God bless you..

NEW NORMS ON BLOOD PRESSURE AND BLOOD SUGAR - VALUABLE UPDATED: The new standard blood pressure and blood sugar that the USA has officially stipulated as follow :


65 years old : 150 / 90

Normal elderly over 80 years old : 160 or even 170.

Blood pressure over 70 years old cannot be lower than 130, otherwise it is easy to produce postural hypotension fainting.

High blood pressure between 150 - 130 is safer,

prefer to be higher, not lower.


The fasting blood sugar of diabetics over 60 years old is controlled at around 6.5

and the control of over 70 years old is about 7.5.

Most of the time over 80 years old does not exceed 8.0. Occasionally, it can be around 8.5.

Here is the article for your reference :

There is new news about blood pressure:

🇺🇸 The United States has officially stipulated that: 65-year-old standard blood pressure 150/90, normal elderly over 80 years old, 160 or even 170.

Over the years, we have been greatly affected by the number of “old standards” (not exceeding 120) that have focused on medical and commercial interests in the past. It has caused a huge unnecessary psychological burden on the elderly over the age of sixty or seventy years old!

From now on, we must correct the concept of being taught by a doctor. Please see the following report.The pharmaceutical industry has tried to subvert our perception of normal blood pressure! What is the normal blood pressure of all ages?

Normal systolic blood pressure = Wu's calculation of systolic blood pressure = (82 + age)

Example: 75 years old = 82 + 75 = 157

【in conclusion】

Normal systolic blood pressure: male = 82 + age, female = 80 + age,

Health (normal) indicators: measured systolic blood pressure = normal systolic blood pressure.

The doctor of the North Hospital of the Third Hospital said that the blood pressure of people over 70 years old can not be lower than 130, otherwise it is easy to produce postural hypotension fainting, high blood pressure between 150~130 is safer, prefer to be higher, not lower.

The same is true for blood sugar. With the increase of age, the standard of relaxation is appropriate. The fasting blood sugar of diabetics over 60 years old is controlled at around 6.5, and the control of over 70 years old is about 7.5. Most of the time over 80 years old does not exceed 8.0. Occasionally, it can be around 8.5. Hypoglycemia is even more terrible. I hope that every family has a healthy person!

There is "anti-intestinal cancer" substance in rice!

Do you eat rice? Eat hot? Still letting cool down?

I used to cook rice, always afraid of cold, and greeted my family to eat hot.

Wrong! There is a substance in rice that can fight intestinal cancer, called resistant starch; cooked rice, only after cooling, will produce more resistant starch.

Therefore, after the rice is cooked, open the lid, stir the rice with a spoon, and let the rice cool. After the rice is eaten at a mild temperature, it will produce resistant starch. Such rice, because of more resistant starch, resistant starch is not easily converted into sugar, which is beneficial for weight loss and easier to control blood sugar, and is also very good for preventing intestinal cancer.

* Hurry and change the old concept of eating!

Starting today, we are beginning to change the old habit of eating hot! This makes me think that eating sushi is also very good. It is no wonder that Japanese people live longer, not only because they eat more sea fish, but also eat rice scientifically. It is also a rice ball and a sushi and a cold cake.

PS. After reading it, please don't hesitate to forward it to your friends as soon as possible.

At last... someone is speaking rationally.

sandybrown profile image
sandybrown in reply to Vsthak


Thank you for this information. !!

Where did this information come from?

(2) Blood sugar, do you have any numbers for HbA1c for, 60 year old, 70 year old and 80 years old?

Yes, old standard, new standard, this applies to many things, starting point carbohydrate and milk fat and many more............................

Please point us all to the original article.

Thanks, take care.

That's great and encouraging namaha. can you pls post a link to what you eat? Thanks

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