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Something relevant for lchf diets

Here is what I read in a latest article.

Hulver and his colleagues found that muscles' ability to oxidize glucose after a meal is disrupted after five days of eating a high-fat diet, which could lead to the body's inability to respond to insulin, a risk factor for the development of diabetes and other diseases.

The above quote shows near zero carb diets(Like lchf) make your body unresponsive to ANY sugar intake.

Here is the link: medicalnewstoday.com/releas...

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We have many,many guys on LCHF and improving on BS levels plus dropping their triglycerides in our Forum.

I tend not to challenge Dr.Richard Bernard and our very own Mr.Anup Singh.

I do not mean to offend my learned colleagues.To me the info provided is of no releavence.Sorry.!

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Preferences are also based on research and more so research based on their own medical reports year after year. Even talks against FAT are based on preferences for a broken high carb low fat diet.


30% fat is the upper limit.For Indians with relatively small arteries it is also a high number.Again it depends on quantities and individual's metabolism.


Fat that you eat doesn't choke arteries like butter in kitchen sink pipe. It is the triglycerides (which gets bumped up by CARBS) that's the culprit for almost everything -- IR, CVD/CHD/NAFLD. Triglycerides are the real fat in blood and it is the carbs that spike it up.

That's why LCHF drastically reduces TG, without any drugs.

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Meetu, you write things as if you know them.What fat does to arteries is a complex subject depending many factors.Anybody can write anything.

If I have to take some examples I can say smoking long cheroot tobaccos is good for health based on my observation of a couple of very old people smoking those horrible high nicotine fermented tobacco leaves.


I look at my medical reports and then conclude after comparing them to 2 years on doctor's (Low Fat nonsense) diet and 3 years on exactly the opposite. Then I look for explanations for the favorable change and imbibe it effectively.


What works for you is your business. That doesn't make you qualified to offer advice on internet forums.Hope you understand that.


What works for me is working for others also who try. Rest can be armchair critics based on 5 day studies ... who cares.


But Dr Attia has all the details to debunk this. How much was CARBS?

This is just another article ranting against FAT. Results on the ground for persons (diabetics, athletes, cricketers) on HIGH FAT Diet is entirely different.

Shane Watson is one cricketer who lives of this HIGH FAT DIET and can hit the ball out of the park better than anyone else ... needs a lot of muscle strength, hand eye coordination and quick muscle contractions / expansions :)

Body doesn't need more than 30 grams carbs a day.

So, this study is irrelevant for all of us who are on LCHF diet for years and not just 5 days. There's something known as keto adaptation which takes upto 2 months :)

Ask any diabetic who is living on LCHF diet and he will pooh pooh this 5 day observation :)

BTW, LCHF is not near zero CARBS. We still take carbs but restrict to 20% of energy intake and push FAT up to 60%+ of energy needs.


Individual cases of diet are less relevant. If one has to follow a particular rich and famous old investor one can conclude it is healthy to eat nothing but a slab of meat and drink nothing but coke.


Read an old post of anup regarding carbs. The article is sensible in restricting carbs to max of 100 grams per day.

My concern is with some posts recommending to have ALL the FAT you can .Obviously that is not going to be good.


While searching for anup's article i also came across indiacratus(Not sure of the spelling) posts.Seems his posts covers almost everything. Among other things his comment about somebody eating 30 chapathis (Obviously it is an exaggeration) benefiting from lchf diet is because of cessation of excess carb loading and not because of lchf diet perse.

People , please don't get caught up with this lchf nonsense.Eat sensibly according to what your body needs.


When carbs are restricted it has to be replaced by something. That something is FAT. One doesn't eat "unlimited fat" on LCHF.

LCHF is nonsense for someone who can never understand LCHF. indiacratus and few others have been saying this for over 2 years now but diabetics are switching and watching their medical reports :)


Not necessarily. It depends on person's body and his life style.

Lchf is useful for certain body types. It is stupid to apply to each and every person.Unless of course the person peddling this earns his/her livelihood on a website promoting it.


"It is stupid to apply to each and every person."

Yup. Medicare business is making lots of money peddling the same crap -- High Carb Low fat -- to everyone. This is evident, whereas those promoting LCHF making money is just a wild shot in the dark from few here who have had nothing else to talk.

BTW, LCHF works for everyone who tries and sticks to it, even to diabetics with 20+ years of diabetic history. It may have problems with a few who are genetically predisposed against it, but that number is pretty insignificant. Even most modern medical research doesn't talk of 100% success for the most expensive drug or procedure.

Those who "peddle" LCHF spend money doing it rather than earn, as most LCHF forums are not charging money like some Dr in Pune, who is selling a rehash of Niel Barnard diet for Rs 12000.


"BTW, LCHF works for everyone who tries and sticks to it, "...

Great.That is all people need. An internet person with no medical degree or experience gave a statement that all people can follow ...based on ...feelings ?.


Even Dr Bernstein had no medical degree. He joined medical school at the age of 40+ after taming his diabetes with his theory.

No, it's not based on feelings. It's based on medical reports. We don't talk based on "LOPSIDED" Opinions based on a 5 day irrelevant study which proves nothing.



People with a mission not greed.

Yes they better,better than a paper degree.Degrees ard bought and sold.Some only deserve to be relegated to the dustbin.I know it..I am sure you know it, too!

Do you need these degrees to say what is good!

Do you need these degrees to be Honest and have the Guts to come out with what they have discoVered.

And you bombard them with half truths.

They are Selfless soldiers.Better than some butchers.

They are spreading the message of recovery and reversal from diabetes.

Internet is a boon.People use it to abuse without any shame.

My head hangs down in shame to see guys expose themselves, their ignorance.

Every home has a few rats.Some people ignore them and some experiment on them.

Good, some articles are brought up for the benefit of all forum members.

But the very soul of this Forum should not be attacked! Such criticism should best be ignored But we need to put forward our (LCHF) REASONING also?

Any more doubts if any my fellow members are ready to clarify.

Thanks internet -

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That is good Mr arun. Is there a detailed post you made regarding the specifics of diet you follow. Like what was your consumption before and what it is now.


Please stop all these controversial statements and confuse the forum members. Instead, try to guide the forum members to lead a healthy life by maintaining diabetes. All these days, most of the members are affirmative about LCHF. In between some members write for publicity and try to promote their marketing strategies.

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I am appaled,horrified and dismayed that a plumber has the ckeek to argue with some most knowledgable members.

These members are our guides,mentors and deserve the highiest respect.

Doctors only see our blood reports and prescribe medicine(metformin).

Were the diabetics born with high Blood Sugars. No. The where did it come from?

My dear friend,it came from wrong habbits,ill informed people in general.

Must we not find the cause and remove the cause? The doctor gives medicine .

Why? Because he is taught in medicine school Only to do this.These PILL PUSHERS

so called .How is it good for doctors to advise to go home a d relax and take a LCHF diet. He is doing his JOB! His job is to see the lab report,feel concerned that now you have a lifelong disease(malaise) I was told "Yes you will have to take the Metformin,lifelong." WHY no effort is made to change,find the cause.

The Diabetes causal agent, is, 'uninformed,random unscheduled eating.' Yes,so this ailment has to be cured by correcting the food,Nutrition and not drugs! Get the weed out.Cut the weed and it keeps coming,strongly.

This Forum has members,mentors who have suffered Diabetes and after extensive studies,have successfully treated themselves. They have been able to guide hundreds of diabetics to cure themselves. LCHF has been the secret . Anybody who adheres to the 20:20:60 basics, believers or not will be able to steer themselves out and outlive other population because this is a healthy diet and tastier.Take it or leave it.

Many colleages should know Fats are carriers of fat soluable vitamins.

20:20:60 formula will be within a persons Calorie limits sum total of Carbs+Protein+Fat

I believe their may be many other cures.This looks and is the most scientific for those who enjoy following it,happily. (LCHF)

For those who say No-No, it should be Go-Go for them.No mouse and rats hiding in pipes!

Presently USA is on a Low Fat High Carb.diet.They are going fatter by the day.

I stand corrected by Anup ji.

This Forum has mentors who are better than doctors and give free advice.

May good sense prevail.Yes they know it all . They are like tempered gold! (Steel)

God Bless them.


"Presently USA is on a Low Fat High Carb.diet.They are going fatter by the day."

Mexico has very recently overtaken USA in Obesity race. The country has started levying Soda tax and in return Coke is sponsoring studies to prove that sugar is not bad at all. Who do you think will win? :)

When Coke and Pepsi was banned for a short while in India, George W Bush yelled -- allow the sales or else FDI stops. Food industry makes us sick and pharma industry gets yet another permanent customer till death. :( :(


Very difficult to say.

Obviously the sugary soda should stop.

Difficult to think of life without Coke! Why not Green tea soda ?!


Talk of Dr Richard Bernstein , Jenny Ruhl is beyond the compehension of my internet member!

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Plumber or a doctor ?. There is way to address criticism.It is different from lashing aimlessly.


"Unless of course the person peddling this earns his/her livelihood on a website promoting it."

"There is way to address criticism.It is different from lashing aimlessly."

Guess you need to first practice what you preach -- ie avoid lashing aimlessly.


Oh I don't lash aimlessly. I address specific things in somebody's post i am responding to.

I would be lashing indiscriminately If I say this forum is infested with lchf pests spamming every thread with their nonsense.


Its nonsense for you as you simply don't have the grey matter to get hold of it. Someone rightly used a right term for you, given your attitude.

A non diabetic, with absolutely ZERO understanding of LCHF, joins and instead of discussing diabetes of the elderly in the family, starts pushing out rat model studies and some 5 day studies as part of scaremongering attempt against LCHF -- this has been done in the past too by others and didn't work.

I can see where you are coming from.

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Where do you think your lchf diet idea came from ?.From rat models (though they are not dressed).

Your kind of people read some blogs and think Understand medicine and science.

As to discussing about diabetic patient in my family i registered in this forum for that purpose.

All that I saw is the forum getting spammed by lchf fellows burying some informative posts.


No LCHF diet came from Humans. Please update your knowledge a bit more to be really conversant instead of resorting to sarcasm and rhetorics.

I don't think you have the competence to judge me or my type of people because we go by how medical reports have trended on shifting from High Carb Low fat to Low Carb High fat. Yes we definitely understand more than your kind of people, as we have lived on both diets.

Get updated about Dr Annika Dahlqvist.


All that shifting you see on internet forums and some incompetent quacks promoting it.

None of the medical authorities recommend lchf diet for people who don't need it.As I said before (And others like indiacrauts) LCHF diets were designed by medical community for obese people. It is not an invention of internet quacks and followers of quacks.

This is the last time I am replying to you.

Any more posts from lchf spammers in unrelated threads i am reporting to website admin.


I am now reporting your personal attacks and name calling too. Check Dr Annika Dahlqvist. When one cannot discuss name calling is easiest thing to do.

Who cares what medical authorities talk about LCHF. Our medical reports are of paramount relevance and importance.


you believe in medical doctors. see how a Pharmaceutical firm was punished.

This firm was fined 9 billion. The diabetes drug they made, caused bladder cancer. The learned doctors prescribed it and poor patients got cancer.

LCHF is for those whose who want it.

Read this !



GSK was fined $3 billion after pleading guilty and that involved drug fraud including diabetes dug called AVANDIA. These guys keep silent on such issues and resort to personal attacks when at complete loss of any ideas :)


Doctorap,It is the medical doctors who actually devised the LCHF diet for specific group of people.Couple of people said that in this forum.

Perhaps the study that lchf diets reduces comprehension is true after all.Hahahaha.


Now you got it.

For ur info I am not a medical doctor.

Learn Not teach or criticise.


You didn't understood a thing I said.Perhaps you should take it easy.Trying to Comprehend things under stress is not such a good thing.


Indiacratus made some detailed posts how lchf diets were first used for obese people who have difficulty reducing their weight.

Some genius doctor made a spin and start recommending for everyone.

And some internet pests waste everyone's time by spamming as if they understand what it is.


No No you are missing the point. Meetu ji was trying to help.!

Dr. Bernstein had diabetes from the age of 12.

No doctor could cure him they, aggravated his misery.Increased his dosage of insulin. He cured himself and thousands of other 'gentlemen'.

Pl. wait do not be in haste. Think. Ego kills more than diabetes! Diabetes can be reversed and cured.

Certain type of people should be left alone. Give 'm enough .........

For some LCHF may be bad, may be. They should avoid it,leave it.Why criticize it.


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