An introduction to hyperinsulinemia

It is a condition where the blood insulin level is higher than what is considered normal in people without diabetes. Although hyperinsulinemia is not diabetes, the condition is often associated with type 2 diabetes. People with hyperinsulinemia has difficulty maintaining a normal blood sugar level which means the pancreas has to produce increasing amount of insulin in order to control it.

The primary cause of insulinemia is insulin resistance, which occurs when insulin levels remain high enough over a long period for the body to to become less sensitive to hormones. This means that the body's usual response to a given amount of insulin is decreased, which results in the pancreas secreting higher levels of insulin in order for the hormone to exert its usual effects. The pancreas produces increasing levels of insulin until eventually it can no longer produce enough to meet the body' s needs. This leads to rise in blood sugar levels and insulin resistance is therefore a risk factor for the development of diabetes.

Hyperinsulinemia can result from a variety of metabolic diseases and conditions. It is associated with hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia and glucose intolerance. This close association between these metabolic conditions ( also known as metabolic syndrome) suggest a common mechanism of pathogenicity. Hyperinsulinemia has been shown to play a role in the obese and also in people with hypertension by increasing renal sodium retention.

Studies on mice with genetically reduced circulating insulin suggest that hypesinsulinemia plays a causal role in high fat diet induced obesity.


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  • Good article patliputra thanks for sharing...

  • Thank you.

  • If u don't mind may I ask some questions??

  • Please go ahead. But I reserve the right to answer.

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    येषां च त्वं बहुमतो भूत्वा यास्यसि लाघवम्

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  • it means we should perform our duties without any fear..we should never turn face away from our duties...

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    Further body is such complex to explain everything in 1+1=2 form...

    We are just trying to understand things in more details...

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    be cheerful...

  • First of all ,one should read and understand Bhagbat Geeta Ji thoroughly ,and do not depend on half line ,then comments

  • The weather here in hills is pleasant,it was not my intention to hurt anybody,simply said one should comment on the totality,not on partial illustrations. Thanks

  • patliputra

    Very informative article except few points where i have different view.

    1) "Hyperinsulinemia has been shown to play a role in the obese and also in people with hypertension by increasing renal sodium retention." Would you please explain the relationship between hyperinsulinemia and increased sodium retention.

    2)"Studies on mice with genetically reduced circulating insulin suggest that hypesinsulinemia plays a causal role in high fat diet induced obesity."

    I don't think anup, cure and Shashikantiyengar et al will agree to that. High good fat diet on the contrary reduces insulin levels imho.

    High carb high fat diet may create havoc. Because it's hypercalorie diet too and all the carbs will get converted to fat provided fat is good fat.

    3) "Although hyperinsulinemia is not diabetes...?" HI occurs during the development of D. Initially ir is low which can be overcome by high insulin. IR being the main cause of D. At a later stage IR becomes so high that higher levels of insulin can't push glucose inside the cells and blood sugars start rising. That is Diabetes.

  • High fat diet for mice usually made of hydrogenated fats and rat chow which is not declared

    Rat chow is high carb with sugars

  • And also the headlines 😀

  • 😂

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