Why do diabetic people need to eat more fat?

Diabetes is a condition that affects the pancreas to the extent that they do not release the required quantity of insulin (later on when bcf gets deteriorated in Type 2), which can lead to a high blood sugar level as the body starts to absorb excess glucose from the food that it ingests. This can be of various types and have different implications for different patients. While many experts insist that keeping a low cholesterol level and low weight is a primary requirement for treatment of diabetes patients, there are a number of myths in this regard. Not eating fat is one such myth that we are out to prove wrong today.

So read on to find out why diabetic people need to eat fat:

Saturated Fats : There are studies that demonstrate how saturated fats can actually prove to be beneficial for diabetes patients. These can be found in various sources like fish and nuts. This releases heptadecanoic acids, which can normalize the blood sugar levels as well as the insulin and triglyceride levels in the body.

Dairy Fat: The use of milk and yogurt as well as butter can actually be helpful in bringing the blood sugar levels down. It also shows up favorably on the lipoprotein markers. Butter in particular is known to bring down the risk of diabetes as well.

Animal Fat: Having meat which releases fat and having dairy products like cheese and milk which releases healthy saturated fats are two different things. One can replace carbs and meat with these kinds of products so that there is better absorption and creation of quality animal fats which can actually help the insulin levels.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats: Food items like fish and nuts that carry high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can help patients suffering from diabetes by clearing the bloodstream of cholesterol and high lipid levels. This also prevents the risk of heart disease and arterial blockages. These kinds of fats are also found in flax seeds, soya products and walnuts.

Going low on carbohydrates and avoiding sugar is usually recommended for patients suffering from diabetes. Yet, it is important to have your fill of essential fats as mentioned above with the help of dairy products, clarified butter(ghee), omega three fatty acids, dry fruits, soya products and some amount of vegetable oils, as these actually have a number of benefits for these patients. These kinds of fats are not known to cause heart disease or high cholesterol.

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  • USDA pyramid failed in 10 years

    Plate will fail in another 10 years just like USDA Food Pyramid. Just a matter of time.

    Where is the science of 60% CARBS? Do you have any scientific study? Would love to go through it in case you can provide one.

    Diabetics surely cannot handle carbs and feeding them 60% carbs is the worst thing that one can suggest. Just because medications and insulin is there doesn't mean one has to take them. Diabetics on ADA facebook page are also saying it day in and day out. Doesn't matter if ADA is turning a deaf ear to safeguard their million dollar donations.

    The Myth of Low fat has resulted in diabetes growing by four times in 35 years.

  • Ada is so corrupt that they cannot even recommend Stevia in place of industrial junk like sugar

  • Dr Bernstein also said so wrt ADA's recommended sweetener and said they are protecting the million dollar four color full page adverts revenue in their magazine.

    For me, whatever ADA recommends is never to be touched even with a 10 foot long barge pole.

  • For me, whatever ADA recommends is never to be touched even with a 10 foot long barge pole.


  • Diabetes grew four times not because of low fat but because of junk and excess food and tv .

  • How do you know? Look at growth of carbs and fall of fat of US data since 1980's.

    Even cardiac events industry is slated to be a trillion dollar industry in the US.

  • just like any other person knows from various sources .

  • Well we know from DATA and not OPINIONS.

    Can you provide data which shows TV increased Diabetes? In absence of data, it's just a casual opinion.

  • WE know from personal experiences of known people , not from paid or rewarded researches.

  • Personal experience == anecdote so not authentic as you don't even provide the references to those experiences like we do for LC**

  • the distance between two points is same.

  • Distance between two points is path dependent, based on science. It may be same based on casual opinions.

  • One's information based on personal experience or experience of known sources is more authentic than third party reports in the name of scientific researches ,

  • Non verifiable personal experience = no value.

    I give source of even personal experiences from different walks of life to verify from. Haven't seen any coming from you. Why so secretive? Let verifiable-by-anyone data back the experiences.

  • Not secretive . RESPECTING the others privacy . The day they come out with their stories , I would definitely make it public Any way my experience is very limited . I have to take all the insinuations because of that limit .

  • Oh nice excuse. No one would ever keep their success secret under the garb of privacy on any forum if they have really succeeded. None of the diabetics who succeeded that I know of have. They show their reports, they talk to others and convince.

    Asking for evidence I don't think is insinuation.

  • You are free to arrive at your conclusions . But I do hope one day I would get a chance to present my evidences .

  • We will wait for that day and would love to see the evidence of medical reports.

  • All will be first hand experiences if they choose to discuss . They are not exclusive medical reports . Most of them are complicated cases of more than one particular problem.. They all come to me when all the other avenues are closed and in the last stages ,where in death warrants are given , if I am permitted to say so . Any way I am not expecting any thing in return either in cash or kind or favour either single or return favour .It is repayment of debt to society on my part which is one among the pancha renas listed in our scriptures. There is no compulsion to believe what I am saying .

  • Improvement in medical conditions is always judged from medical reports and not based on feeling. So, unfortunately, I will always rely on medical reports. Else, I see big advertisements about Homeopathy doctors in local newspaper daily doing some miracle every second day.

  • ok

  • That's right. Medical reports are important.

  • bhaswathy

    Hi there,

    I am not sure of how any disease happens including diabetes because some people don't get diabetes though on high carbs and some people get it no matter how much they take care of their diet. However, we in India, don't eat so much junk like western world and cook from scratch at home everyday. Excess food or TV cannot be the reason for any disease.

    But once diabetes happens, solution is to go for low carbs only because we can't process it due to IR or reduced BCF...these carbs are to be replaced by GOOD FAT...we can't eat protein more...we don't have a choice!

  • All parents in the neighbour hood , relatives and friends circle have only one complaint , that the children eating only junk food , pani puris ,pizzas , hamburgers , etc etc ,not having any fresh air , almost all time . in front of the TV AND COMPUTERS. Yesterday one mother was moaning '' with out fresh air , healthy balanced diet , good physical activity and how my daughters are going to be healthy and beautiful. My ELDER daughter is loosing all the hair , PUTTING ON WEIGHT , becoming snappy , and does not have any time for the family .'' This life style is going to show it's effect in course of time . Nothing happens over night .Diabetes does not happen with high carbs , but definitely it is the outcome of faulty life style and wrong food habits . Once that happens , there is no going back . All the empty calories speak out in health issues .That mother was lamenting 'with no fresh air ,no physical activity , all the time getting locked in the room with not even a window being kept opened , how she is going to be healthy ,she does not go to sleep till 2.30 in the night , gets up 11clock in the morning ,immediately rushes to the college '' Apart from these mistakes , some people have genetic predisposition , some have molecular disturbances , or chromosomal defects , which make them a prey to the autoimmune diseases .

  • human body is tuned to take more carbs for instant energy . There are always exception for every rule . Some people can adopt them selves easily to changes where as all can't do so.Modern life style does not require so much food which was once the case . To day a man needs 2000 calories and for a woman 1500 calories are enough . With reduced consumption of food as per the reduced physical work , much hunger is not going to be felt . The requirement can be met in the ratio of 40 ,30 30 , and not 60 , 25 ,15 or 60 ,20 ,20 .Higher need requires higher calories and lower need require lower calories . It is as simple as such .Each person has to work out the total energy and calorie requirement . Iam not against any one . It is clash of idealogy but not of personalities .

  • The Perfect Health Diet identifies that there is an optimal intake for carbs whereby if we eat too little the body will make up the deficit from other macro-nutrients, and if we eat too many they will be turned to fat. This is usually between 480 and 640 kcals per day for most people.

    I say this because it is a common misconception that, because we digest carbohydrates further up the pecking order, it is the preferred source of energy. If this were the case, we would be designed to run on alcohol because we digest that first. That is obviously not the case, as alcohol is a toxin and we digest it to avoid the build-up of those toxins. Carbohydrate is used for intense activities, but too much is also toxic as evidenced by diabetes. We have very limited reserves of carbohydrate in the body.

    The vast majority of our energy (and more so for other mammals) is used in the form of fat, both from ingested sources and body-fat.

  • ALCOHOL is toxin where as energy giving carbs are not . So those two can't be compared .Something some where is missing which modern science can't explain or understand properly .Sooner or later they will unravel the mystery of diet and diabetes . Now what all they profess is incomplete knowledge

  • Carbohydrate is toxic outside of a very tightly controlled range, that's why diabetes can become such a terrible condition resulting in blindness, amputations and heart disease for example.

  • .Human body can adapt itself to any diet . In case of shortage of or absence of carbs or fats it can even use proteins for energy . But basically proteins are meant for other needs like muscle ,hormones etc .Fats meet more than 50% of the needs of the body in the form of fatty acids .Excess of fatty acids get stored as tryglycerides. It is mainly the carbs which are meant to meet the energy needs .The storage capacity of carbs is limited .They can be stored maximum for a period of a day or two.Any excess glucose after meeting the needs of cells gets stored for the future use when the glucose levels fall below the needed levels .All the left over glucose which is beyond the capacity of the liver to hold gets turned in to fat . or gets spilled in to circulatory system causing blood glucose levels to rise as the capacity of liver to hold even the fat is limited .So my question is why should we take extra food which is beyond the capacity of liver to hold and give a chance to extra glucose to travel to blood and rise the glucose levels .The very fact that a person has become a diabetic proves that he or she can not handle that many calories as a non diabetic .It is a technical snag which has to be set right . In case of type one it is genetic and in case of type 2 it is acquired. So the diet has to be adjusted and scheduled to the needs of the body . Yes , fat can do the job of meeting the energy needs . But it is like an elder brother bringing up a child when the father dies .

  • bhaswathy

    (Human body can adapt itself to any diet)

    You are right. That's why inspite of a wrong diet many just carry on without any ill effects for a long time or till their system can tolerate which breaks down finally or in some rare cases never breaks down

    (Excess of fatty acids get stored as tryglycerides. )

    Only if accompanied by excess carbs., I less carbs then fats are converted into ketones & utilized as energy & people also fall into the state of nutritional ketosis (this is different from ketoacidosis)

    (All the left over glucose which is beyond the capacity of the liver to hold gets turned in to fat . or gets spilled in to circulatory system causing blood glucose levels to rise as the capacity of liver to hold even the fat is limited )

    Yes. Through de novo lipogenesis

    Body has an unlimited capacity to store fat in some but breaks down in many leading to hyperglycemia.

    That's when diabetes is detected.

    (So my question is why should we take extra food which is beyond the capacity of liver to hold and give a chance to extra glucose to travel to blood and rise the glucose levels )

    Yes.. But if lesser carbs are taken then limited glucose is generated. If this less carbs are accompanied by more fats then these are converted into ketones & utilized by the system. Also we do find that ketones are detected in urine which is cleared off.

    Also the BMR increases which uses the excess energy produced.

    This where the theory of calories does not match

    High carbs .. theory of calories can be valid (with lower metabolic rate or BMR even goes down with high carbs)

    Lower carbs + high fats .. theory of calories does not match ( BMR increases.. more alertness. more energy is utilized)

    Just my point of view.

  • Till 2013 ,I never even bothered about the views of ADA or any other association .According to me a person of average build with moderate activity needs some thing around 2000 calories and an average woman needs 1500 calories . With out going in to technical details , I used to advise all those who come for homeopathic medicine to reduce the food intake to half of the previous intake after certain age , where the growth is over .In special needs like pregnancy, illness ,extra physical effort ,they could go for extra food . With the introduction of calories theory , with my foray in to internet world I started caloric measures . That intake in the ratio of 60 ,25 , 15 or 55 , 35 , 20 based on my experience and advises from elders . It is not based on scientific study , if scientific study means only study pertaining to academic field or research labs.Since you do not give any importance to calories , there is no meeting point .

  • Calorie in calorie out is a failed science.

    Dietary advise to diabetics needs more of a look at meter readings and medical reports than cultures.

  • I don't disregard calories. What I assert is that we don't obtain calories from our food in the same manner as calories as measured in a calorimeter. Protein for instance should be consumed for repair and maintenance, not energy.

    Science is enabling us to measure the effects of what we eat rather than using theories and/or surrogate markers perfecthealthdiet.com/categ...

  • Even we don't measure calories as such . It is not even possible in the day to day life . But when we try in the initial period of diagnosis of diabetes , we get a rough idea .Then after some time we can go ahead with out any caloric measure .Protein are needed for the repairs and muscle maintainance and hormones . But in case of emergencies or crisis of starvation even proteins get converted in to energy .

  • Yup, the body's reserves and subconscious has to cope with the ups and downs of life, I try to provide stability with the building-blocks to accomplish this.

  • the role of the subconscious is a big mistery .

  • subconscious tries to continue with life....

    Death is unnatural

    Life is natural

    But death is inevitable due to limited shelf life of physical body. Soul with it's astral body after death takes another life.

    And life continues...

  • I think even death is natural . Soul takes birth to repay the debts and once the debt is paid off either death or separation takes place .In the process of payment OF old debts , new debts are made , thus life becomes an unending process . PUNARAPI MARANAM , PUNARAPI JANANAM .That's why we have to put a stop some where by not making new debts which is possible by surrendering karma phalam to the anatha chithanyam or supreme power .The soul learns a lesson every time in every birth and progresses in the path of evolution by correcting the mistakes .

  • bhaswathy


    But Soul is immortal

  • Yes .soul is immortal . But all relationships are karmic debts . So there is no point in crying over the spilt milk .In the sojourn of eternal journey we sometimes come across the same soul in different relationship

  • bhaswathy

    I understand but worry about the NEW karmic debts created in the process of paying past karmic debts. No way out it seems.

    That's why we have to put a stop some where by not making new debts which is possible by surrendering karma phalam to the anatha chithanyam or supreme power

    But how to put stop by not making any new debts? I tried but failed miserably.

  • Not even a single minute a soul can stop karma , because karma is done in words , thoughts and deeds .Like Shankaracharya said we have to surrender karmic results by thinking '' ALL my words are your pujas , my thoughts your meditation , my steps are your pradakshinas ,whatever I eat is an offering to you , all my deeds are homas to you ''. In the initial stages it is not possible to do that surrender . But in course of time it becomes second nature .By total and absolute surrender the good or bad of karmas do not get attached to the soul.

  • bhaswathy

    The soul learns a lesson every time in every birth and progresses in the path of evolution by correcting the mistakes .

    I understand that each life is taken to learn a lesson and there are 12 Sun-signs each of which shows the spiritual evolution of the soul depending on the individual's Sun-sign.

    But in correcting the mistakes learned in the past, whole life passes...what is the purpose of life then?

  • The soul becomes perfect by correcting all the mistakes and ultimately becomes one with the supreme soul .In other words a bindu of the cosmic energy .That is the purpose and destination of creation.

  • bhaswathy

    If salvation or Moksha is the only destination of a soul, then what about desires? There cannot be any life without desires and The Supreme Power has created this world out of desires only. It is said in Gita...by God..." I wish to become many from one"! I have translated my words from Gujarati into English and may not be perfect.

    So, in that case, being one with the Supreme doesn't solve any purpose, according to me.

    Any soul even after perfection can take the life according to his/her wish.

  • salvation is not the sole purpose . Becoming perfect and a part of the universal soul is the purpose. Such souls take birth when ever need arises in the world for the betterment of human life.It is said that human birth is the highest to achieve that end .

  • Here I differ with the views of some . I believe that whatever is out side is in the inside of beings . We are subject to the panchabhowthic influences . Just as changes take place in the nature with changes in seasons , changes take place in the beings also . we are subject to emotions and feelings like anger , sorrow happiness , sadness , grief ,hope , love , hatred etc due to the influence of prakrithi .

  • I know very well that whatever is there in Brahmanda (Universe), is there in a human body.

    But there is a sense above five senses of physical body which all humans do not understand. Intuition has to be followed correctly and one has to listen to their own inner being which is nothing but Soul to direct one's life.

    OUR SOUL IS OUR OWN GURU. Because our soul knows all past, present and future. Our spirit knows all karmic lessons...right? bhaswathy

  • यत् पिंडे तत् ब्रह्मांडे.....


    The theory of the five elements can be explained better in relation to a small atom. Fire, the source of energy in an atom, is equated with the energy needed or generated by its electrons. The dynamism of air is exhibited by the mobility of the electrons. The inter or intra orbital space in an atom represents space. The nucleus depicts the heaviness of earth whereas the cohesion of the atomic structure displays the qualities of water.

    Ayurveda makes us understand this complex structural interface in a broader perspective. According to sutras, “Yat pinde tat brahmande” or “Yat brahmande tat pinde”: what we call the universe is our body or what is known as the body is the universe. This primordial cohesion, which is also the subject of each of the five sense organs, can be comprehended better if we look at it right from the level of the cellular structure.

  • Good post.

  • She has always been here and active.

  • yes

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