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Newly diagnosed or just found us? This post is for you!

Welcome to the CLL Support community on HealthUnlocked. This pinned post is specifically for new members, in particular those that have been recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia/Small Lymphoctytic Lymphoma (CLL/SLL).

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There's a wealth of information here. This is how you can tap into it:

12 Tips to get more out of our Forum

What is CLL?

Includes a must see video by Dr John Pagel "Not your Father's CLL" that answers many commonly asked questions and shows how close we are to curing CLL.

THINGS WE CAN DO to improve our CLL journey

We've all been through the shock of diagnosis. Some members share their story in the following posts.

I'm new here.....Diagnosed with CLL

You are not imagining things nor are you alone and you may not feel listened to.

Changing my sense of reality

Irredeemably Altered...A story of Diagnosis

Why CLL feels different to other types of cancer'

Hurt and puzzled

If you're feeling like the glass is half empty, then I would like to hear from you. Please tell us!

Members of the UK CLL Support Association share their stories on video of their diagnosis, how it impacted them and their family, treatment and clinical trial experiences and much more - from September 2014

Your turn. Please Introduce yourself! Here's how to write your first post

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After diagnosis, what happens next?

Support Groups specifically for CLL/SLL

CLL Support Association in the UK

- Upcoming meetings

CLL Society Support Groups in the USA

- Register

- Support Group meetings this month

CLLSA/Leukaemia Care CLL buddy scheme & help line for UK people living with a diagnosis of CLL.

CLL Information resources

International CLL Information and Resources.

When will I need treatment?

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Now I see the How To Write a Post... Thank you!

Fabulous compilation of Healthunlocked info!