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Day 2 of HealthUnlocked Holiday and Christmas campaign - What is CLL?

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This year HealthUnlocked are highlighting a health condition and associated HealthUnlocked community for each of the 24 days of Advent. Today - Day 2, has been allocated to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and our community:

Our blog and video:

Please consider spreading the work through your social media. Make sure to include the blog link and hashtag "#healthyholidays"


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Sorry, I won't be sharing this! I find the Advent campaign to be culturally insensitive, considering the number of HU members of different beliefs and cultures. I doubt that this means a lot to the members of the Indian (as in India) group. Will you be doing Hannukah, Kwanza, Ramada, Holi, etc., etc., etc.?

You have a point but does it really matter what format the information is in? It’s still relevant to all!

If I had gone to live in a predominantly Muslim or Hindu etc. part of the world, I would not expect THEM to do Christian versions of things for me. I would accept that I live in their culture and it will be dominated by their religious influences.

The key information is about the illness’s which unite us all regardless of religion or ethnicity..........move on!

Shared on Twitter this should be above religious and political sensibilities.

Agreed. This should be and is above religion and politics. CLL seems to know no religion or political beliefs, it strikes all equally and we should rise way above petty differences.

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I must be honest, I didn’t really concentrate on the religious connotations because I think HU simply used the ‘opening a box a day’ concept as a festive vehicle to promote different communities. I suspect children of all religious denominations enjoy the excitement of this purely as a datal count down and the sweeties contained within.

The message and information in the little blogs is excellent and thanks primarily to Neil for doing ours.

I did reply to HU however and say a bit tongue in cheek that it wasn’t particularly cheery to do it in this format. Health success stories behind each box would have been cheerier for the festive season. When I open an Advent calendar, I like a pleasant surprise like a chocolate, not an description of what it’s like to wake up in Intensive Care (that’s coming soon but not sure what date!).

The festive season can be really tough for lots of people and we are no exception. Let’s not sour this with religious arguments however because I honestly don’t believe any offence or discrimination was intended.

As I said in my reply to HU, let’s have a bit more Yo Ho Ho and less Oh no no no!

Warm regards,


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Thank you. Well said. It's difficult at times to be ho ho ho during the holidays, but I think we all do try, if not for ourselves, for our families and friends. What I find difficult is to do all the shopping I used to do and now can't.......too exhausting! BUT, thanks to online shopping, I can still buy things and send them along, or through PayPal, we can send cash direct to our childrens' checking account!

Thanks Neil.

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