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The CLL Support Association (CLLSA) is a patient led support charity founded in the UK In 2005. The remit of the CLLSA is to provide support to CLL/SLL patients and their families by keeping them informed of recent and relevant developments in CLL/SLL treatment and research and to provide opportunities for awareness raising and mutual support. The association has a dual role of encouraging education and self development while working to improve access to CLL/SLL treatments and care that will improve outcomes. CLLSA at HealthUnlocked brings together an international on-line community to allow sharing of experiences of living with CLL/SLL within a supportive group who do "get it", supported by reliable international information resources and perspectives. This partnership will with your help continue to develop as a resource that helps many

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CLL Support Association is run by unpaid volunteers. we are reliant on the generosity of members and others to maintain the high level of service and support which many find really valuable.

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