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Crippled By Hot Flashes


This has been going on for 3 years now - a year after my surgical menopause. I do believe this is a major cause of my anxiety - I hate them! I have tried HRT (several types) but it makes me feel worse with mood swings and a racing heart.

When they happen, I get a horrible surge of anxiety, feel sick and then am soaked. This can happen 20 to 25 times a day on a bad day. The thing is - I never had these for a whole year after my surgery! I am wondering now if these are in fact anxiety related - I know they can be a symptom. I have also developed an ever worsening complex migraine syndrome, and my Neuro. says this can cause sweating too.

After a really bad migraine episode the other night which had my Husband take me to A & E, I was next day contacted by my Neurologist who says that he wants me back on Epilim. I am supposed to start it and know that this helps my anxiety too, but I am so crippled by all this that all I do is look at the drug box every morning and feel sick, unable to take it.

I feel trapped in this cycle, with seemingly no end in sight. I guess what i'm asking is - does anyone have any experience of having hot flashes this bad either with menopause (for you ladies of a certain age) or with hot flashes that feel like this caused by anxiety? Also, any severe chronic migraineurs out there? Thank you so much! X

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So sorry to hear that, those hot flashes are horrible and the feeling sick, I’ve gone through my menopause but sometimes I do wonder if I’ve still got a touch of it. I didnt have any problems when everything stopped maybe it’s caught up with me who knows. hope you start to feel better soon x

Meredyn in reply to Laniben

Thank you so much, Laniben! It's so nice to hear from someone who understands how horrible these are. I hope you're doing OK today - i'm just catching up on here and saw your post earlier about going out. I can relate so much to a lot of what you're experiencing! Sending much love!❤❤❤


so sorry to hear how you are feeling.

will write back with moore if I can get a better signal.


Meredyn in reply to Kkimm

Thank you, Kkimm!❤❤

Hi Meredyn.

I tried to write this to you earlier but my WiFi was playing up and I lost what I had written.

I wanted to say that I am also really sorry about your migraine, I know they are really painful but do not get them myself.

What I remember of hot flushes as we call them, they were much worse if I worried about them or felt embarrassed at work etc. I was helped by a brave colleague who suffered alot and even in a meeting would announce when she had one and make a joke of it. This worked to make me more comfortable about mine and tackle the taboo in which we women are not supposed to talk about period pains or other natural processes for us.

I remember feeling relieved when I got the menopause even though it was early as it signalled the end of the extremely heavy periods I had begun to get. The other thing I did and still do is to always wear a light short sleeved top underneath a jacket or cardie I could get on and off easily. I would then not risk the embarrassing moment when your top sticks to the inside of your jumper and you take them both off together in a meeting!!!!!

You must have felt very bad last night so I really feel for you. I never got to the stage of going to A and E but did think about it at my worst.

It may help to try to not worry about symptoms and carry on regardless feeling that you are doing well and conquering them by ignoring them so that they loose their power over you.

It is easier said than done but is very effective for menopause and anxiety symptoms I have found. Do you think you are worried about taking Epilim because it has side effects or because you have learned to feel anxious about medication because of you bad HRT experience? If it is the later it may be helpful to try be aware of the association and it's effect so you can try to remind yourself that they are not associated and will help relieve your very unpleasant migraine symptoms.

Very best wishes.


Hello, Kim! Thank you so very much for your very kind and thoughtful reply. Those are good pieces of advice, and thank you too for sharing your experience of menopause.

I always worry about medications as I've been unfortunate enough to have anaphylaxis to several medications - I now carry 2 epi pens and am under the care of our anaphylaxis clinic here in Scotland for ongoing issues.

My neurologist has actually now made a detailed referral to our Hospital For Integrative Care (we are very lucky to have this excellent service) as my case is complicated by my allergies. He feels that this approach may be more helpful, less stressful and probably safer for me. I'm very grateful for his thoughtful approach!

My severe anxiety actually started a few years ago after I had my first bi-phasic anaphylaxis, which was almost fatal. I literally from then on became scared of everything! Slowly, I have improved in many ways but find anything that makes me feel hot, tingly or gives me a racing heart (which is both anxiety itself, and the flushes), makes me go into high alert as these are also part of the onset symptoms of anaphylaxis. Sometimes I just feel ovetwhelmed by dealing with the severe allergy stuff, the severe and sudden onset of a surgical menopause and the migraines (alas, it is well know that stress makes these worse, too)!

But - later today I am going out to eat with my brother who is flying up from Wales at a lovely restaurant as an early celebration for my Hubby's 50th.

I am nervous, but am using all my techniques to try to stay focused and calm. Fortunately, it's a pretty cool day here today!

I hope you're having a good day, Kim - and thank you so very much again for taking the time to reply.❤❤❤

I had chronic migraines for years. They were hormonal, 3 days a month. I continued to get them after menopause for about 2.5 years. Now it is extremely rare to get one.

I'm not familiar with the med they have prescribed for you. I will have to look it up.

As far has the sweats and flashes go, drop drenching sweats, body temperature like an oven. Just awful.

I will now occasionally have a night sweat event, probably twice a year.

Did you have both ovaries removed as well?

Meredyn in reply to Dolphin14

It's great to know the awful migraines and sweats passed for you, Dolphin! Yes - unfortunately I have had both ovaries removed...😞❤❤

Dolphin14 in reply to Meredyn

It's interesting I was talking to one of my friends today. She is going to try essential oils. I'm not up on all that but maybe it's worth you checking out.

Hi Meredyn

Sorry for my late reply I have only just received this reply from you related to your anaphylaxis. It is just by luck I saw it. Out of interest do you think you accidently sent it elsewhere or perhaps I have a problem with my system.

I am so sorry to hear you have anaphylaxis to several medications. I did not know this when I wrote back about venlafaxine. No wonder you are so nervous about medications. You are fortunate to have the HFIC in Scotland, it sounds a very good service.

How terrible to get your onset of severe anxiety as a result of this but not at all surprising.

My severe GAD and depression hit me like a steam roller after a different sort of health scare in combination with events which emerged from unresolved childhood issues I think. It was proving almost impossible to get counselling for these. Finally possible in October I think, after I have already made a full recovery, ho hum. I felt I got myself back after 4 months and had recovered fully after 18 months, but it will hopefully be useful to deal with the lingering minor symptoms I have such as breathlessness some days and feeling a bit rough in the mornings and help prevent a reoccurence.

As well as being lucky enough for antidepressants to work for me I have also found adopting a particular lifestyle and attitude of mind has helped me alot and I would be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested.

You do have a particular challenge in having the symptoms of anaphylaxis so similar to anxiety.

I really hope you had a good day with your brother and your husband at the early meal for his 50th and did not find the travelling etc too stressful.

My very best wishes.


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