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Anxiety raised up after dealing with hot weather


Over where I am we've had scorching hot weather. Before my anxiety took over me I use to quite enjoy it but now my body and anxiety reacts differently these days to hot weather. Its left me confused, scared and thus more depressed. Life is becoming a real struggle and I feel like a different person that I don't want to be. :( Will things get better after a while and is this a result of my anxiety dealing with the heat and temperature of hot weather? Also is it normal to get anxiety with hot weather as you get older? I know these are a lot of questions but I need answers as I'm struggling more than ever now. :( Thanks.

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I'm sorry to hear your life has become a struggle, I know the feeling. I too was worried about the hot weather when previously I loved it. I think our anxieties come on In many forms and make us overthink things. I don't personally think heat can be a factor for anxiety but don't quote me on that. I think you are having a low period and the weather is just a coincidence. Try not to get answer as to why you are feeling anxious just recognise you are Nd try Nd breathe through it and move on..I know this is hard but always wanting to know why can sometimes be detrimental. Hope this helps.

In the same boat I’m from California the desert to be exact and Summer means he’ll get on earth! My anxiety is always worse during these months. It’s tough but just try to stay cool and breathe! 🌞

I definitely shake & feel s in hit weather but I also feel as bad in the cold dark night's.i like the spring! It's a happy "medium I mean sick in hot weather😅I suffer with S A D!!

Marc0133 in reply to missymo

I know! I also keep getting flight or fight responses when I'm sleeping in bed. I didn't manage to get some sleep last night until I fell asleep eventually. It only increases my anxiety further. :(

Marc I see your post about not getting great sleep, I used to suffer really badly and only get a few hours max of sleep. I found routine made things easier so get comfortable in bed by a certain time , put a film on or the tv have it on low let yourself fall asleep eventually , it’ll take time but you’ll start sleeping better and to the point you can get into bed and sleep a lot sooner than usual with abit of routine hopefully . It worked for me so I hope it helps you xx

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