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Menopause Anxiety Anyone?

It appears I'm postmenopausal. FHS test went from 24 last year to 82 this year! Wow do I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster ride!

Hot, nauseous, chest pain, stiff neck, ear pain & eye pressure. Make it stop!

I thought Postmenopausal meant menopause was over. "Post" I thought meant "after." No, I found it can last 10 years! Up to 10 years of insomnia?!?

My question for the pros:

Anyone have anxiety with loss of estrogen? Is THIS TRUE ?!?

Can anxiety cause your neck to tighten and choking ?

Can it create a vibrating feeling in your chest & neck for hours on end? Mostly after dinner- until early morning?

Can a panic attack awake you multiple times? (usually when you just fell sound asleep!)

I just need reassurance. The ER doesn't want to see me anymore...

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I'm not sure about menopause things being a man but anxiety wise, yes to everything. Anxiety is terrible and even though you may not feel anxious, it's there because we adjust to the feeling, it can make your life a misery.

Try some magnesium oil, it eases anxiety and regulates the body plus it promotes sleep.

Good luck.


This is a HUGE Help! Thank you. I really thought/ think I'm dying! You wouldn't have upper right side "rib" pain?

I what about jaw pain & inner ear shooting pain?

I take a magnesium supplement. Could you tell me more about the oil? And can I use it on my neck or near my face?


Magnesium supplements orally are a very poor source and generally are oxide based ( check ingredients ). Anxiety can make many things bother you, neck pain, jaw pain, any muscles really.

Magnesium oil is better absorbed and you can use it anywhere, you can see many videos on YouTube about it and available from Amazon or any health shop.


wow! I did go & look at my suppliment. I thought I had found a good one. (A combination with Silica. Gluten- free and no soy which is important to me.) I really liked magnesium glycinate, but found that it can create anxiety in some when most find glycinate helpful for a good night's sleep. But for me, anxiety. Benadryl and Melatonin are the same: like a pot of coffee. Not what you want before bed...


Mag glycinate is glycine and lysine with magnesium. Glycine is a muscle relaxant which with magnesium can make some anxious because it relaxes a person alot and it makes them uneasy, as well as making your stomach upset. But oil is transdermal, which doesn't upset anything because you just spray on the skin and rub it in, though it does have more of a detoxification effect at first which is why you start off low. I'd imagine a hormonal woman being full of toxins with a huge shift in one's self. Try some, a good brand is Ancient Minerals.


I am overwhelmed by your kindness! Thank you so much!

I do believe I'm in this mess because of toxins. I'm also following fatty liver foundation. Wayne's diet for my liver has been most helpful. A first step forward. I was frozen in fear of dying. No one would believe the tightness & pain in my neck. And once I was labeled menopausal & anxiety disorder- well, I was convinced even more I'm going to suffer a stroke because no doctor will test further.

My mind immediately went back to my gallbladder symptoms 15 years ago. It took 3 1/2 years to diagnose because no stones, but sludge. Rib pain, right side neck & shoulder pain with nausea and anxiety were my symptoms.

The past few years have been bizarre.

I had been taking Nexium for 3 1/2 years & trying my hardest to explain to doctors how awful this prescription is to my health. And a costly error on my part. I was taking turmeric with black pepper extract for joint pain ( with the Nexium.)

I sure hope I can get my message out:

Never take a turmeric suppliment with black pepper extract.

Never take both Nexium and turmeric together.

Seriously, Nexium causes B12 and magniseum deficiency. So much so, Nexium wants to add magnesium to it's formula to address the issue.

So, now, after the fact, I can see I needed magnesium. Never was my body craving large doses of turmeric!

I feel like you opened a door for me today. Thank you so much!

Where would I find your story?


Quick question. It looks like it it sold with MSM also. Do I buy the spay oil? With or without MSM?


Is this from Amazon ? It's upto you, MSM is beneficial for joint pain. it's down to cost, if you can buy the best then do it. With or without buy ancient minerals !.


Well magnesium helps, oil is great for fatty liver too and great for avoiding osteoporosis because without magnesium , calcuim and D3 can not get into the bone so settled on the outside of the bone and calcification occurs and one of the main menopausal outcomes is osteoporosis !!.

It really is a solve it all !!

It also breaks down kidney stones, regulates mood, BP, cholesterol, estrogen and testosteron levels etc.

Buy a good brand oil, a trusted brand like Ancient Minerals. Start with 1 spray no matter what the bottle says, as detoxification is the first phase with oil. You may feel worse before you feel better, but once you get past the detoxification and it starts to get into the cell you will feel calmer, energised, sleep better etc, the list goes on !!!.

If I can help then I will, my story isn't really important right now, you're the one seeking help :-)

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I just can't believe how much a "stranger" helped me today! I was putting pieces together slowly on my own...

But you opened the door for me today. (I stopped trying to squeeze though the kitchen window, and ran through that door you're holding open for me today! )

What a gentleman!

Thanks again!

I'll let you know my results soon. So excited!

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Every time I start taking magnesium again I get severe cramps in my feet and legs. When I stop taking magnesium it goes away.


Potassium or lack of water.


Too much potassium or a lack of it? Why would my potassium levels change when I take magnesium, I don’t get the cramps any other time.


I would do yourself a favour and go read up on electrolyte balance and dehydration and how this effects cramping of the legs.


Yes I understand how dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalance, what I don’t understand and can’t find information on is why this only happens when I’m taking magnesium supplements.


Because potassium is akso an electrolyte and they're balanced, when you take magnesium you lower your potassium, lack of potassium creates the very same symptom as lack of magnesium. Also, if you take mag in the morning and then take no more that day you will experience cramps if you are already depleted before you started.


Ok thx. I didn’t know that magnesium depletes potassium.


Menopause anxiety and depression is destroying my life.


Would you believe I FINALY have a diagnosis?!

Cervical Dystonia. Not fun, but an answer to all the strange symptoms I was having. OK. First "Cervical" refers to the neck part of the spine. The best I can explain Dystonia is it's a nerve disorder that prevents the muscles from receiving the "let go" signal, so they like to stay contracted. Most people have a tremor with it. I'm starting to wonder if it was tremors I was having internally. I was thinking it was my heart doing weird things. (the best I can explain it is it's like a shivering going on inside me...)

Long story, short. No doctor would treat me until I "got my anxiety under control." I was on Viibryd for about 2 months. I just came off with the diagnosis giving me a "peace of mind" that I really am not crazy.

This year has been ROUGH! Every day I was trying to convince myself it was an anxiety disorder. Evan the sleep study said it was insomnia from loss of estrogen. So I was trying to put the two together... And they ABSOLUTELY go together...BUT...

I'll bet you don't have sudden hearing loss. Or TMD so bad you want to have some teeth pulled. Or pulsatile tinnitus keeping you from sleeping. Or your toes curl up while you sleep. Or the acupuncturist having a hard time putting the needles in because the muscle is so tight.

I hate to say it, but treat your anxiety/ depression and see what disappears. And then look at at the remaining symptoms. My hope for you is that you won't have the same cards I was just dealt!

Viibryd is a good Rx for me. I was free to cut it in half and start on a really low dose & finish or come off on a really low dose. I'm very sensitive to Rx. This works best with food to trigger the function of effectiveness through your intestines. Beware of stomach upset or diarrhea as side effects. I managed to avoid this but cutting the pill in half and going slow.

I wish you well, my friend! HUGS!


I’m scared to death to go on antidepressants because everyone I know whose on it have gained a lot of weight and developed insomnia. I already have insomnia due to menopause so I’m afraid to make it any worse, and I’ve been struggling to control my weight in the past 6 mts so I don’t want any medication that’ll cause weight gain. Can you tell me which ones you’ve tried, and what side effects you had, etc.


I'd be happy to share. I too HATE Rx. A little goes along way!

I was taking Viibryd- which had two advantages for me. I was told by the psychiatrist that I could cut it in half & then half again if needed. You need to start slow. It can mess with your stomach. I also liked that this was strictly seretonin. Viidryd with food is a full dose. Viibryd without food is half of the dose taken as it moves through the gut much faster.

So here's the best news. There is a genetic test for mental health drug matabolism. I was so happy to find it! GeneSight. The mayo clinic & Cincinnati children's hospital put it together. I now have in print that almost all pain medications make me ill and not better & Zoloft is not a good Rx for me...

This test made sense to me as when Mom was in hospice, she begged doctors not to give her certain drugs. All this came back to me. There's something to be said about family genes... Mom and I for example would have a racing heart from Benadryl, when most people would sleep well.

I'm truly upset with doctors at this point. There appears to be a shortage or something. I still don't feel heard. I agreed to see a physiatrist because he could at least offer me his time. A physician is not going to problem solve in a 10 minute office visit.

OK. Enough for now.

Do look at the magniseum oil listed above. I find it very helpful. I experiment with things one at a time to see what works. So back to the magnesium spray! Oh, I love soaking my feet in Epsom salt before bed. Thy this first. Hugs! And hopefully a good night's rest.


Interesting. I have had a problem all my life with pain meds, and can never get doctors to listen to me. In 20 yrs I’ve had multiple surgeries and various trips to emerg for kidney stones, bowel obstruction, etc. Each and every time the first thing they do it I.v. and start running pain meds thru me. Within short periods of time I either become violently ill (profuse vomiting, shaking, dizziness, blurry vision etc. OR (depending on the med) I get psychological thoughts and problems that are extreme and very uncommon for me, uncontrollable crying, or suicidal, etc. When I convince them to stop the I.v. , then hr those symptoms start to go away. It scares me. Last surgery I had I told doctors to write it on my chart that I am not accepting pain meds after I wake up. I could never make a good drug addict, how the heck do they enjoy the feeling they from narcotics? I never understood it cause I feel horrible on it.


Wow! Same here! Would you believe this gene test proves I can't take Opiods?! Tylonal and Advil are also included...

I remember 1 trip to the ER.

I left with the same pain I went in with. (It was a burning chest pain end of my breastbone.)

And after putting the pain med through the IV, the nurse asked if that helped.

She laughed with me when I stated I just don't understand drug addiction. The pain was still there. I told her it was pain with a side of margarita! (So what now?! I was drunk- like & in pain?!)

I really don't understand much. For people like us, I guess not metabolizing the drug well, means it stays in higher concentrations some where else? Maybe in the blood?

I always ask for a child's dose. Make that: I always beg they give me a child's dose.

Don't be fearful, be informed!



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