Hot & Cold flashes??

So I've experienced this before but hopefully it's not consistent. Last night I felt so cold like my bones were starting to freeze. I thought that taking a hot shower would help the feeling and I ended up wearing warm clothes, rubbed vicks all over (bc it relaxes me), and a couple of Tylenol. The next morning I was fine. Went about our day etc. And now, as we're headed out to watch a movie @ 10:30p I'm feeling hot and cold once again. Im reading on stuff in what it could be and I'm sure that it's my anxiety. I don't wanna think about it as something else bc my brain is just on overload with a bunch of life stuff and bullshit. My vision is cloudy and deep inside (again) feeling all alone. I just wanna have a peace of mind..... But I mean I know I'm the only one who can help that. I swear, every single thing I feel is escalated to another level! Wtf. I hype the normal things in becoming something that's incurable and that I only have. Anyone else feels this? Xoxo


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  • It could be anxiety because when my anxiety was bad I was getting hot flashes all the time. But they would go away on their own and I have general anxiety disorder. The hot flashes would happen every 5 min to me. It could be anxiety but go to the doctor to make sure.

  • Yes, most of the time actually. Including the cloudy vision.

  • Yes I get this all the time, hands and feet and even up my arms and legs are cold. Especially after an anxiety arousal or panic attack. I've read it's completely normal too. Don't stress about it, it will only make it worse ! It's normal, try to forget about it:) 👍🏻

  • Cloudy vision too... Freaks me out but I try to ignore it

  • Have you talked to your GP? Maybe have thyroid checked .

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